What $1,400 Buys You At The New Howl + Hide

Leatherworker Christian Resiak has always had a knack for creating products that stand the test of time and a heart for inclusivity with his various pride collections over the years. The new Fountain Square location of Howl + Hide has been a work in progress since April and reflects just that sentiment. Walking in, the deep, complex scent of leather permeates the air and original floorboards creak underway while team members craft goods by hand that will soon be for sale out on the floor. The new shop stays true to its leather roots, locally sourced from Landwerlen Leather Co., but also explores gender neutrality via clothing brands such as Seeker by Ally Ferguson. The contestant on season two of Amazon Prime’s Making The Cut specializes in minimalist, ambiguous clothing. While the store provides both masculine and feminine silhouettes, there isn’t any pressure for customers to buy one way or the other. Diving into gender neutrality can be confusing, but Howl + Hide has fostered a place for people to be both comfortable and unprejudiced by breaking stigmas and boundaries. Keep an eye out for standard items like the “Penny,” the “Fletcher” knapsack, and pocket wallets since those are most difficult to keep in stock. 1046 Virginia Ave.

cow print fur hooieSaints & Hearts fur cow-print hoodie, $94Common Market, the “Ian” cardigan, $74a coatSeeker, “Raj” corduroy coat in cider, $210a sling bagHowl + Hide, limited-stock sling bag, $199a crop topSaints & Hearts lace crop top, $48pink shoulder bag
Howl + Hide, the “Penny” bag, $129jumpsuit
Seeker jumpsuit in indigo, $230a leather tote bag
Howl + Hide, limited-stock “Shelby” everyday tote, $229slippers
Bohemia Design, the Moroccan “Babouche” basic slippers in duck egg, $39corduroy flannel
Common Market, the “Cole” flannel, $60tapered pants
New Market tapered pant, $95