More than one poll has shown that we're less confident on a bad hair day. But when our manes are on point, we feel ready to take on the world. Hair is empowering. For better or worse, it's tied to our sense of identity. Yet strand stresses lurk: dullness, breakage, thinning, frizz, to name a few. Consider this your lush-locks guidebook. We've got healthy-hair secrets from top stylists, trend breakdowns, powerhouse products, and more. Here's to your unique and beautiful head of hair.

Making Waves: Best Tressed List

These are the locals with coiffures we covet. We just had to find out who does their hair, and how.

Making Waves: A Legend’s Legacy Lives On

Madam C.J. Walker not only helped revive hair care rituals among Black Americans, but she provided women a chance at self-determination in a community rising from the ashes.

Making Waves: The Barber

The owner of one of Indianapolis' few female-owned barber shops breaks down how she makes her Broad Ripple location stand out.

Making Waves: Mind Your Manners

TREATING others thoughtfully is a prerequisite of human relations that extends beyond family and friends to your professional circle, as well. At least, it...

Making Waves: Silver Lining

Consider this your primer for (intentionally) going gray.

Making Waves: The Natural Hair Expert

Britteny Davidson decided to be the change she wanted to see in the hair care community by promoting self care and self love.

Making Waves: Do the Twist

The resurgence of curly-girl love has brought the perm, of all things, out of the 1980s and into Indy salons for those whose hair falls too flat for their liking.

Making Waves: The Extension Expert

Wanna add color without dye or add thickness to thin hair? This expert in all things extensions has you covered.

Making Waves: The Fine, Straight Hair Expert

This stylist is giving life and volume to hair that has a tendency to lay flat and straight.

Making Waves: The Color Expert

This stylist has advice that'll color how you think about changing your hair's hues.

Making Waves: The Curl Expert

We tracked down Indy’s mane magicians to get insider perspectives on trends, tricks, and tips for every type of hair.