Making Waves: Mind Your Manners

Tanya Foster of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang spills on stylist/client etiquette and faux pas.
Illustration by Chloe Zola

TREATING others thoughtfully is a prerequisite of human relations that extends beyond family and friends to your professional circle, as well. At least, it should. But when it comes to interactions between stylists and clients, both sides can get a bit sloppy. Tanya Foster, co-owner of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in Carmel and Fishers, makes stylist education, including regarding etiquette, a priority. Yet, it can still be a work in progress, especially for the youngest stylists. And even the best-intentioned clients slip up, too. Foster helped us lay out considerate salon protocol.

Stylist Do:

  • Gently suggest only products that are needed.
  • Offer the guest the option of a quiet service.
  • Ask if the pressure is comfortable when doing scalp massages.
  • Remain professional. For every one thing you share about yourself, learn three about the client.

Guest Don’t:

  • Arrive 20 minutes late and expect to be taken.
  • Complain endlessly about your problems. Your fellow guests want a positive vibe.
  • Cancel last minute or be a no-show. The stylist loses income.
  • Talk on your phone, let alone in speaker mode. Again, the other guests are there to relax.