Indy Chamber Will Oppose Same-Sex Marriage Ban in Indiana

CEO Michael Huber announced the board’s decision this morning.

The statewide battle over same-sex marriage has a new player in the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce. The business organization’s board voted this morning to fight the proposed amendment to the Indiana constitution that would prohibit marriages and civil unions among the Hoosier State’s gay and lesbian population. John Thompson, chair of the Chamber’s board of directors, says that the legislation would negatively impact Indiana’s competitiveness in attracting top business talent and would show the state to be an uninviting place to live and work.

Indianapolis city-county councillor Zach Adamson, who married longtime partner Christian Mosburg over the weekend in Washington, D.C., was quick to praise the decision, as shown below.

Here is Indy Chamber’s complete position statement. This is the organization’s first public stance on the matter. It has avoided declaring a position when the issue has come up previously, though leaders of the business partners it cites in today’s decision—Eli Lilly and Company and Cummins Inc.—have voiced their opposition to such measures for several years.

You can follow Michael Huber on Twitter here. Indy Chamber is online here.