New on CNBC’s American Greed: Tim Durham

The Indianapolis financier and playboy’s capital-building and carousing are documented in the show’s latest episode.
The lurid life of Tim Durham is documented in a new episode of American Greed, which airs tonight (CNBC, 10 p.m.). Indianapolis Monthly‘s deputy editor Daniel Comiskey was interviewed for the episode. “Tim liked flash,” Comiskey says. “He liked car companies, cigar bars, ultralounges, and yachts.”

The show, narrated by Stacy Keach, posits in its teaser that Durham “perverts Midwestern values by stealing $200 million from blue-collar workers: farmers, firemen, school-bus drivers.” His Ponzi scheme netted him great wealth, but, as one interviewee on the show says, “Was it worth it? Where you are now, would you do it again?”

» See the episode’s extended sneak peek here.

Megan Hauserman is a reality-TV star who appeared, along with 24 other women from an L.A.-based modeling agency, at Durham’s 44th-birthday party, which had a Playboy Mansion theme. Here’s her take on Durham’s estate: “Well, we were driving through, basically, the woods in the middle of nowhere. You know, there were small, moderate family homes. And then all of a sudden there was, like, a castle. It looks like a hotel or a resort or something. And it was his house.”