The Marijuana Advocate

Tyler Bryan

Since 2013, I’ve been out in California preparing for the day when Indiana legalizes medical marijuana. My family has been involved in the cultivation of cannabis from my earliest ancestors. I moved to Bakersfield from Indy and took up the family business, so to speak. Operating under the name Hoosier Farms, I began growing and breeding different cannabis strains, eventually trademarking a hybrid called Wakanda OG—a cross between Original Glue, OG Kush, and Cookies. One day, I’m going to make that variety available here.

I’m in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational use, but we need to focus on medical cannabis first. I want to help the people of Indiana who really need it. That’s why I set-up a non-profit called Hoosier Canniversity. The goal is to provide programs and classes to Indiana residents who aspire to become pioneers in the field of medical cannabis. I hope that by educating Hoosiers on all aspects of the industry, from the growing process—how to perfect the plant’s genetics, for instance—to black market prevention, we can turn Indiana into a leader in cannabis agriculture. Whenever Indiana does legalize medical cannabis, I’ll be ready.

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