Buttigieg PAC Throws Weight Behind Slate Of Hoosiers

Pete Buttigieg campaigns in South Carolina.
Former president candidate Pete Buttigieg's Win the Era PAC could be a difference-maker for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dr. Woody Myers and others.

Chuck Kennedy/PFA

Former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s Win the Era PAC will back a slate of Hoosier candidates, marking his political action committee’s first endorsements in Indiana.

Win the Era will support Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dr. Woody Myers and lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Linda Lawson, Attorney General nominee Jonathan Weinzapfel, and congressional candidates Pat Hackett and Christina Hale in the 2nd and 5th districts.

Buttigieg, who formed the PAC in April, will hold virtual campaign events and email his supporters on behalf of each of the four campaigns in the coming months.

“I’m proud to be supporting fellow Hoosiers who are effective leaders in their communities and have dedicated themselves to public service,” Buttigieg said in a statement. “When elected, each of these leaders will advocate for working families, advance the cause of justice, and make Indiana a more inclusive and prosperous state.”

Buttigieg has said in the past that he hoped his presidential bid would lift down-ballot candidates in his home state. “Obviously, I care a lot about the party doing well,” he said in an interview with Indianapolis Monthly last October. “I think we’ve got a lot of great leaders, including some newer emerging leaders in the party and want to make sure I’m doing my part and using my visibility as a way to support my home state party.” 

The endorsements are the latest for the PAC, which has previously endorsed 22 candidates around the country.

  • On Woody Myers: “I’m proud to be supporting Dr. Woody Myers’ history-making candidacy to be the next Governor of Indiana and our state’s first Black governor. His intellect, integrity, and passion for helping Hoosiers are so needed in our politics—and his expertise and vast experience will serve us well in midst of a public health crisis. I’m also looking forward to casting my vote for Linda Lawson for Lieutenant Governor and helping our state move forward.”
  • On Jonathan Weinzapfel: “I’m proud to support Jonathan Weinzapfel to be our state’s next Attorney General. Highly respected among Indiana mayors, Jonathan is a lifelong public servant who has spent his career fighting for Indiana families. As Attorney General, Jonathan will help make Indiana a more inclusive and prosperous state, while protecting us from attempts to take health care away from millions of Hoosier families.”
  • On Christina Hale: “Christina Hale is a lifelong Hoosier who has been an effective leader for Indiana working families. Congress needs more single moms like Christina who understand the challenges Hoosiers are going through and can go to Washington to get things done and I’m proud to support her campaign to bring great representation to the 5th Congressional District, a district ready for new leadership.”
  • On Pat Hackett: “I’m ready for Pat Hackett to be my Representative in Congress. Her campaign message of Dignity and Justice for All represents the change we need to better serve South Bend and everyone in Indiana’s Second Congressional District. She’s spent her entire career serving our community and getting things done with people of every background–and I know she will put that same spirit to work in Congress.”

One of the unanswered questions of Buttigieg’s impressive presidential run was whether his candidacy, which drew more than $100 million and ended with an email list of more than a million supporters, would lift his home state’s beleaguered Democratic party.

Today, an answer to that question took shape: His run could pay dividends for a number of down-ballot candidates.