Indianapolis Monthly Wins CRMA General Excellence Award

Consider us giddy. On May 19, in Washington, D.C., Indianapolis Monthly took home the national City and Regional Magazine Association’s General Excellence II award, which considers publications with circulations ranging from 30,000 to 60,000.
CRMA describes the category winners as “honored for consistently high-caliber work in all aspects of journalism: writing, editing, photography, illustrations, other art and design. Winners should show a sense of community connection and service.”
For that nomination, we entered the March, September, and October 2013 issues, the content of which ranged from a killer crime well to an in-depth look at the IMA situation and the new Hoosier farmers to a tasty destination-dining package. And the competition was stiff—a tip of our hats and respect go to our fellow nominees: sister pub Cincinnati Magazine, D Magazine (Dallas), HOUR Detroit, and Seattle Met.
From the judges: “Relevant, hard-working, and visually innovative, Indianapolis Monthly proves there’s nothing flyover about this city. The dynamic design and caliber of the writing elevate what could be just another city magazine into a must-read.”
We’re very proud as well of other nominations, which also received kind words from the judges.
Column: Deborah PaulWorking Class,” “Tough Sell,” and “Last Call
“Deborah Paul connects deeply personal stories to universal themes that celebrate the joys and complications of life. Rich and relevant details help her personal experiences resonate with readers and their lives.”
Feature: “Susan Cox Is No Longer Here” by Justin Heckert
“Justin Heckert delivers a thoughtful, haunting portrait of a woman whose death was as untidy and inexplicable as her troubled life. This is poignant and moving storytelling.”
Spread Design: “One in a Million” by Hector Sanchez
“The portrait on this engaging spread captures the wonderment of a 14-year-old in the face of a graphic interpretation of the complexity of math.”
Cover Excellence: January, April, September
“Be it a modern spin on Grant Wood’s American Gothic or cleverly illustrated typography, Indy’s covers are well-crafted and convey a whimsical sense of fun.”
Designer of the Year: Hector Sanchez
“Hector Sanchez designs with swagger and style, using brash typography and bold imagery, he pulls no punches. Yet he can also treat a sensitive subject with delicacy and grace, all while honoring content.”
Leisure/Lifestyle Interests: “Mad About the Monon,” edited by Megan Fernandez
“This feature struck the right chord of local flair and flavor, with a savvy flash of got-to-know-before-you-go insights. Smart writing and eye-catching graphics deliver useful bits of local wisdom.”
Check out the full list of winners here and see more on them below:

A native of Inman, South Carolina, Amanda Heckert graduated from the Honors College at the University of South Carolina. Heckert joined Indianapolis Monthly in February 2012 and enjoys getting to know the Circle City with her husband, writer Justin Heckert, and their dog, Cooper.