Winter Storm: A Timely License Plate

It seems someone had a premonition at the BMV. What’s more, Indy’s grocery-store milk racks continue to reveal the way we operate at times like these: freak out, replenish, repeat.

Update: The car’s owner, Charley Smith, got in touch with us: “It really had more to do with being a Georgia alum, but it was appropriate in this context too.”

In the wake of Sunday’s winter storm that recorded 11.4 inches of snow at Indianapolis International Airport, this Indiana license plate, spotted near 16th and Delaware streets, is spot on:

Bonus: It’s Wednesday night after Sunday’s snowstorm, and if you’re jonesing for Traders Point Creamery’s thick, delicious chocolate milk, you are in luck:

It seems those who snapped up all the dairy their homes could hold now need to stock their kitchens again. That or they’re not taking any chances with the rest of the week’s snow and rain forecasts. By the by, for you cheapskates out there, some fantastic deals can be had in grocery stores’ floral departments right now.