Where Did All the Flash Mobs Go?

Go figure. Just when Indy was getting some flash-mob momentum (both the IMA and Butler dance students, pictured, busted hot moves on the Monument’s steps last year), the city’s best stage for these impromptu performances went dark for the whole season. With the Monument closed for repairs, the exhibitionists have been going elsewhere to spring song-and-dance numbers on the masses. In case you missed it, an unidentified group performed “Do-Re-Mi” in Circle Centre on January 3; members of the Dead Unicorn Society stood still for a freeze mob in the airport on April 2; the Indianapolis Opera made dramatic use of the City Market mezzanine on May 4; and the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir powered through “Carmina Burana” at the airport on May 28.

Rest assured, downtown leaders are monitoring the flash-mob flight. “Since Monument Circle was Indy’s original roundabout, we know things go round. Yes, the Circle is undergoing a few tweaks, and Victory is getting a much-needed makeover. All the more likely that the Circle will once again be a flash-mob magnet!” says Indianapolis Downtown Inc. spokesperson Julia Watson. The Circle Citizen hopes that future Glee revivalists and the inevitable “Thriller” tribute act will return to the bricks–where they belong–when they can. If anyone is taking requests, here’s our wish list:

 “Twist and Shout” Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The movie debuted 25 years ago, but its party scene never gets old. The Monument steps are perfect for the group choreography. You’ll just need a gymnast, milk-maid costumes, and a marching band. Rehearse!

 “Just Dropped In” The Big Lebowski

Another stair dance. Just because it was a dream sequence doesn’t mean it can’t be real! Bowling shoes required. Rehearse!

“Gonna Fly Now” (theme from Rocky) Rocky

Throw on some gray sweats, tape your hands, lap the Circle a few times, then rush the steps! Left jab on 3! Rehearse! 

“Super Bowl Shuffle”

What else will the Colts be doing this fall? Rehearse!


Good luck blending in while wearing a feathered headdress or leather chaps, but we can’t skip the crowd-pleaser. Rehearse!

Photo courtesy The Butler Collegian