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Heart HealthRegular exercise. A healthy, balanced diet. Stress and blood pressure kept in check. And no tobacco products in sight.

While there are other factors that impact our heart's health, these are the cornerstones. We know them—yes—by heart. But occasionally, things make the headlines that cause us to question our ingrained  knowledge of what's good and bad for our tickers. You might have heard that a lack of flossing your teeth and an excessive amount of sugar can lead to heart problems. And maybe you've poured another glass of red wine because, hey, it's good for the heart! We asked local doctors to weigh in on a few factors to set the record straight on whether they're a cause for concern or a celebration when it comes to heart health.

For home cooks looking for something new and tasty, we also have three healthy recipes ready to be part of your family's dinnertime rotation.

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