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The Heartland Film Festival Returns To Its Sentimental Days

“I was never in full agreement with decisions that were made by the staff after I left, and there were some bumps in the road,” says the Heartland founder.

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Parks and Recreation Recap: One Last Ride

The true genius of this show is the way it promotes optimism, love, and how a family can take any form or shape.

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Parks and Recreation Recap: Treat Yo Self to Some Data Mining

Leslie: “I think this town is losing its charm, and [it] has too much kale now. One place asked me if I wanted kale in my milkshake. My milkshake, you guys.”
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Parks and Rec Recap: Leslie vs. Ron

Team Knope is foiled again by Team Swanson, and then Leslie and Ron are forced to at least feign reconciliation. Yep, it’s another ep of Parks and Rec.

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Parks and Recreation Recap: Holy 2017! Unholy Tammy!

Back to the future! As foreshadowed at the tail end of Season 6, the show has sped ahead to 2017. (Because, you know, Amy Poehler would rather not work with babies.)
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Cheat Sheet: Parks and Recreation’s Final Season

As the seventh and final season of the Hoosier-centric sitcom commences, we’re talking all things Pawnee.

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Our Top 10 Arts & Culture Stories of 2014

Josh Kaufman and Valerie Rockey and John Green, oh my!

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Speed Read: 10 Outtakes from A Christmas Story

Warner Bros. asked Porky’s director Bob Clark to make a sequel to his blockbuster sex comedy. He said he would—if the studio would bankroll A Christmas Story.

Jen Con
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Nine Can't-Miss 2014 IndyFringe Performances

This year’s Indy Fringe includes bike races, puppets, dead presidents, and a closet full of anti-Semitic squirrels.

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Cheyenne Jackson at The Cabaret: Mad Man's Love Songs

A wonderfully poignant turn came courtesy of accompanist Ben Toth, whose arrangement of Sylvia Plath’s “Mad Girl’s Love Song” let Jackson wrap his voice around every sad, sexy line.

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Reasons to See Cheyenne Jackson at The Cabaret

Previous incarnations of his ‘Cocktail Hour’ show featured arrangements of songs by Joni Mitchell, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, and Amy Winehouse.

Dean Norris
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Show and Tell: Actor Dean Norris’s High School Years

IM found a stash of yearbooks from Norris’s Clay High School in South Bend, spanning 1979 to 1981—a treasure trove of before-he-was-famous photos that, far as we can tell, have never been seen outside of Northern Indiana.

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Bad Boy: Hoosier Actor Dean Norris

For Norris, now starring in Under the Dome, this month cements his reputation post–Breaking Bad, as Season 2 of his new vehicle premieres on CBS.