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In January 1975, Beecher Arlinda Ellen produced 23 gallons of milk in one day, five times a Holstein
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Dairy Queen: The Legacy of Ellen, Indiana’s Most Famous Cow

The Beecher house welcomed a wave of visitors, all eager to see the “supercow” on pace to break a record.

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Hoosier Farmers Reap Big Gains

Among all states, Indiana landed in the top 10 for both crop sales and total agricultural sales (a particularly remarkable feat considering that we measure in at a relatively puny 38th in geographic size).

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Hot-Button Issues: Down on the Farm

The Hoosier livestock industry makes more than $2.5 billion a year and “has seen growth in almost every livestock sector.” But for a group that’s doing so well, animal-farmers sure seem defensive.

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50 Days of Holiday Gifts: The (Local) Coffee-Table Book

Give thanks for this bountiful compendium of dairy farmers, pierogi makers, brewers, chefs, field hands, and many others on Indiana’s agricultural scene.

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The New Hoosier Farmers

From Big Ag to organic, rural to urban, and scientist to traditionalist, the following profiles highlight the diverse attitudes and approaches of Indiana’s current agrarian class.

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The New Hoosier Farmer: Is Kind of a Big Deal

Having a 20,000-acre spread, one of the largest farms in one of the nation’s most productive farm states, buys some clout.

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The New Hoosier Farmer: Wants to Feed You Better

First planted in 2010, The Feel Good Farm is a 60-acre, certified-organic growing operation near Sheridan, where the suburban sprawl of Hamilton County gives way to a flat landscape of fields, fencerows, and barns.

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The New Hoosier Farmer: Is a City Girl

If you believe that Indiana farmers are weather-hardened old men who grow corn and soybeans, you might look at these tidy patches of naturally raised produce and see a garden—and, in the pretty thirtysomething who tends them, a gardener.

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The New Hoosier Farmer: Keeps His Animals Happy

Baggott took an early retirement and, in 2010—just a year after ExactTarget surpassed $100 million in annual sales—purchased a 98-acre farm near Greenfield to raise livestock. Never mind that he had no agricultural experience whatsoever.

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The New Hoosier Farmer: Needs a Lawyer

In simpler times, Bowman’s plan might have passed for good old Hoosier ingenuity. Unfortunately, Monsanto, the world’s largest seed company—and a notorious ball-buster—doesn’t see it that way. And neither did the highest court in the land.

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The New Hoosier Farmer: Makes Corn in a Laboratory

This encounter with Bing grew from—ahem—the kernel of an idea: Challenge the traditional definition of “farmer” by highlighting the more contemporary elements in Indiana agriculture.