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Ask Me Anything: Aleesia Johnson, Superintendent Of IPS

A quick read on new IPS head Aleesia Johnson.

A woman stands in the atrium of an office building
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Ask Me Anything: Li Li Leung, USA Gymnastics CEO

“The umbrella priority is to become an athlete-centric organization. That’s our ultimate goal.”

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Ask Me Anything: George Steinbrenner IV, IndyCar Team Owner

A pit stop with George Steinbrenner IV, the youngest team owner in IndyCar history.

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Ask Me Anything: Colleen Fanning, Politician

“I’ve just kind of made a promise to myself that I’m not going to be public about issues that aren’t things I directly vote on, because it doesn’t serve my constituents.”

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Ask Me Anything: Mike “Doc” Emrick, Hockey Broadcaster

“You never know if a pane of glass will break, or anything like that. You never walk by a toilet before the period starts.”

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Ask Me Anything: Mossy Stone

“I’ve journaled my whole life, and writing has been very therapeutic. From being homeless to being deployed, I’ve turned to storytelling to get through. I want younger generations to fall in love with reading and writing again.”

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AMA: Lisa Pratt, NASA Planetary Protection Officer

“We’re in a hurry to get out there, and many of the things humans bring with them are potential contaminants.”

Myles Turner
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Pacers Q&A: Myles Turner

The steal of last year’s NBA Draft begs your attention. While many Turner’s age are hitting the books for mid-term exams this month, the Pacers’ 20-year-old phenom begins his second season in the pros.

Ashley Chew
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AMA: Ashley Chew of “Black Models Matter”

“There’s this perception of beauty. It’s not just America or Africa; in most countries, they find the lighter person more beautiful. It happens all over the world. I don’t know why, but it’s been internalized over hundreds and hundreds of years.”

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Q&A with Hoosier Transplant Author Ben Winters

Never in my life have I lived anywhere with that kind of public accommodation. People go out of their way to be useful and helpful in a way that is unusual. There’s this base-level courtesy. After being in Los Angeles for an hour, I was like, “How come everyone is a jerk?”

Mark Walberg
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Q&A with Antiques Roadshow host Mark Walberg

“I turned back to the guy and said, in a happy, triumphant voice, ‘It’s a fake!’ I was right, but he wasn’t too happy with me.”

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AMA: James Hinchcliffe

“I think, fundamentally, drivers are wired wrong. At some point every driver will experience something that would give a normal person pause.”

Michael Uslan
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Ask Me Anything: Michael Uslan

Hollywood bigwig Michael Uslan ushered his comic-book idol onto the big screen in Batman and has been with the Dark Knight in every film since, including next month’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. A hero’s work is never done: The Indiana University grad is teaching a film course this semester at his alma mater.

Jamie Hyneman
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Ask Me Anything: Jamie Hyneman

“It’s odd—I’m someone who is not very gregarious, doesn’t crave attention, doesn’t talk much and am not that good at it. And yet for the longest single period in my life of doing one thing, that’s exactly what’s been required of me. That’s why I’m often told I seem cranky on-camera.”

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Ask Me Anything: Jamie Merisotis

In America Needs Talent, Jamie Merisotis writes about the state of college in the U.S., where less than 25 percent of students attend full time and live on campus with the support of their parents.