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Andrew Luck

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10 Books for Andrew Luck’s Teammates and Coaches

The Wall Street Journal reports that Andrew Luck is the unofficial librarian of the NFL, here are a few books he needs to deliver to his teammates, coaches, and front office.

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Which QB Do You Associate With?

Half-jerseys will be on full display when Peyton Manning and the Broncos visit November 8. Now that Andrew Luck has a few years under his belt in Indy, it’s time to test which QB fits you best.

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Tweets of the Game: MNF Edition

Twitter’s hot takes, witty words, and the best banter from Monday Night Football’s Colts and Panthers match-up.

Colts Patriots
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Speed Read: Colts vs. Patriots

Pretty boy Tom Brady served no time for the Deflategate crime, and there’s a sense that justice has not been served—yet.

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The Replay: Colts, Matt Hasselbeck, and Stephanie White

Backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck continues to yank the Colts back from the brink of disaster in Andrew Luck’s absence. For the second time in five days, the 40-year-old rallied Indianapolis to a win over an AFC Sloth opponent.

Taylor Swift Grammy
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UPDATED: The Colts Quarterback Situation in 9 GIFs

From give them all the trophies now to throwing up at 2 a.m., the Colts quarterback situation has seen better seasons.

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The Replay: Chuck Pagano, Metta World Peace, and ‘GameDay’

Is the Colts coach a Lame Chuck?

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Blue Blood

5. Jim seems like a pretty cool dad.
6. He seems like a pretty cool boss, too.

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The Replay: Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, and Larry Bird

A look back at the emotional range of Colts fans during the saga through the prism of—what else?—Kanye West GIFs. Also, Andrew Luck gets roasted by Matt Hasselbeck and Deadspin’s Drew Magary.

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Out-of-Control-Beard Andrew Luck

“I happen to not be wearing a shirt.”

Colts Dwayne Allen
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Ask Me Anything: Colts’ Dwayne Allen

“I just love gummy bears. I used to get a couple pounds from a candy store in Carmel.”

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The Replay: Andrew Luck, Jeff Gordon, and Tom Brady

Andrew Luck makes a feline stand.

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The Replay: Anthony Castonzo, Roy Hibbert, and David West

Beefcake: Colts linemen bare all for ESPN.

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Heard at the Track: First Concerts

In preparation of the Rolling Stones coming to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway July 4, we quizzed celebrities and local personalities on their first concert. Their answers are a bit surprising. All we can say is, Andrew Luck’s beard makes total sense now!

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Culture Q&A: Darius Rucker

“When it’s over in country music, it’s going to be time to go fishing.”