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Puppy Love: Deborah Paul On Dogs

This puppy love of mine is new. I’ve always been a cat person, eschewing canines for lacking the dignity, elegance, and artful composure of their feline counterparts.

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Pacers Go Bananas at the Zoo

As part of Pacers Go Green Week, forward Solomon Hill and guard Joe Young had an up-close encounter with the some of the Indianapolis Zoo’s newest residents yesterday.

dapper animal plates
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25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Dapper Animal Plates

That one friend who has everything definitely doesn’t have these.

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10 Things to Expect from Irish Fest’s 20th Anniversary

For 20 years, Indy Irish Fest has celebrated Celtic heritage in Indiana. Here’s how to navigate this year’s festival like a true Irishman.

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Deborah Paul’s Animal Attraction

This past winter, our attic became a haven for flying squirrels. These small tree-dwellers, a protected species in Indiana, banged around over our heads for nearly a week before we gave up and called a wildlife-management organization.

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Video: Michelle Obama on ‘Lil Bub’s Big Show’

When you pair the first lady and a celebrity cat, the result is, in the parlance of Web gurus, click-bait. Or, if you prefer, click-catnip.

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Best of Indy: 10 Holiday Pick-Me-Ups

The film selection sometimes strays a long way from the genre at Roving Cinema’s annual party. Even so, it’s one of our 10 Best of Indy holiday picks.

A cleared and stained Hoosier Cavefish specimen showing the skeleton (stained red). Credit: Matthew Niemiller
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Indiana's New Resident: The Hoosier Cavefish

“There are actually a lot of fish that have this condition, but I thought it was pretty damn hilarious,” says Matthew Niemiller.

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Peer Inside the Indy Zoo's New Animal House

“Orangutans are so patient and clever,” says Rob Shumaker, Indy Zoo VP. “They will never stop trying to disassemble their environment.”

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Video: Meet The Indy Zoo's New Orangutans

Eight of the redheads swing into town as the International Orangutan Center opens on May 24.