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April 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright
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Do The Wright Thing: A Special Occasion For The Architect’s Masterpieces

Named the “all-time greatest work of American architecture” by the American Institute of Architects, Fallingwater in southwestern Pennsylvania sits perched, as its name suggests, on the precipice of a waterfall in a pristine wooded setting.

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The IMA's Gardens Grow Up

According to Indianapolis Museum of Art research, the public only spends about 5 percent of its leisure-time activity going to museums. So what’s the IMA to do? Attract the other 95 percent with flowers.

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Street Savvy: Audubon Road in Irvington

One of Irvington’s original arteries makes a comeback.

House of 5th
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Maker: Truen Jaimes, House Of 5th

The St. Elle style requires 42 feet of handstitching on top of cutting and dyeing the leather.

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Phil Gulley Welcomes the Apocalypse

“When the man first told me the world was ending, I was relieved. Things had been going really well for me, and the thought of ending on a high note had a certain appeal.”

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The Hoosierist: House of Horrors

“A house with this sort of stuff in its background is called a ‘psychologically affected property,’ because unlike a cracked foundation or bad electrical repairs, its impact on a buyer’s decision is purely psychological—unless there’s a big bloodstain on the living room floor that needs to be sanded out.”