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Comiskey and Ruhtenberg (seated) arrive at Columbus
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Milestones: An Indiana Architecture Road Trip

In the elaborate latticework of Indiana’s back roads, even a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece can hide.

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Realty Check: What $550K Gets You in Brendonwood

Perhaps the best-designed area of the home, the sprawling office boasts high ceilings and expansive windows that make the gardens appear within reach.

The Inventorialist
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Street Savvy: Dorman Street

A hilly spot with a skyline view perfect for watching the Fourth of July fireworks over downtown, and the edge Flat 12 Bierwerks has on Sun King.

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Columbus, Indiana, Has a New Angle

The people of Columbus want to keep building. In the words of J. Irwin Miller, “Never play it safe. Take the big risk.”

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Wide Open Spaces

By taking the time to plan everything out during the pre-design phase, they were able to make use of items they already had and feel confident that the house would suit them perfectly once they moved in.

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Peer Inside the Indy Zoo's New Animal House

“Orangutans are so patient and clever,” says Rob Shumaker, Indy Zoo VP. “They will never stop trying to disassemble their environment.”

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Our Top 5 Photo Albums of 2013

Meet the Flockers—Indy’s urban chicken farmers—plus look back on Indy 500 Snake Pit hijinks, the State Fair food romp, and a pair of brew-drenched events.

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Quick Q&A With Vess Ruhtenberg

On Oct. 4 at iMOCA, the local rockstar and architecture buff launched an exhibit of works by his grandfather Jan Ruhtenberg, a modernist designer. Here, a minimalist interview.

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Landmark Cases: What's Next for Old City Hall

Downtown’s Old City Hall languishes, empty, as historical societies and city planners (and nearly everyone else) debate what to do with it. Here’s a look at some ideas that have already come and gone.

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Painting By Numbers: The State of the IMA

“What didn’t happen is enough people showing up to populate the structure we had built,” Venable says. But “Art is not for everybody,” says one IMA critic. “Art is for anybody, which is very different.”

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The Shopportunist: Art Deco Sale at Glendale Town Center

This collection of highly pedigreed architectural elements also represents Indy’s automotive history.

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Book Smart: Butler University's Irwin Library Turns 50

Irwin Library isn’t nearly as famous as it should be. Here’s a crash course on the unheralded landmark, which hits the half-century mark this month.

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Loved & Lost: The Life of Jan Ruhtenberg

At the very least, argues Vess Ruhtenberg, the chairs place his grandfather at the center of a pivotal moment in 20th-century architecture and design. And they bolster his case that Jan Ruhtenberg deserves wider recognition.

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The Pillar: Evans Woollen

People would drive out of their way to see an Evans Woollen house, says one longtime friend. “In the ’60s, that stuff wasn’t happening here.”

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Modern Family: The Miller Home

The only details left uncovered are the homeowners’ identities and the whereabouts of the house itself. The mystery location of the house did little to stem the tide of attention for it.