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Jimson Weed by Georgia O
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Three Hoosier Connections to Georgia O'Keeffe

As a young artist in New York, O’Keeffe learned brushwork from Nineveh native William Merritt Chase, one of the country’s foremost Impressionists.

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ISO and Guests Breathe Fresh Life into Yuletide Celebration

It remains a wonderfully hopeful and care-releasing show in the Symphony’s season, apt to melt even the most resistant audience member’s icy viscera.

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Culture Q&A: Brian Regan

“I notice things, and I write them down,” he says. “Then I try it live. Sometimes, the best writing takes place onstage.”

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Off The Wall: Scott Stulen at the IMA

Stulen even has plans to create an occasional “open office” in the museum, when his staff will work in the entry pavilion so visitors can come up to share ideas.

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Best of Indy: 10 Holiday Pick-Me-Ups

The film selection sometimes strays a long way from the genre at Roving Cinema’s annual party. Even so, it’s one of our 10 Best of Indy holiday picks.

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Street Savvy: Butler-Tarkington

Headed to Clowes Memorial Hall? Oh Yumm! Bistro serves the best pre-show light dinner in the neighborhood.

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Author James Tadd Adcox Reimagines Indy in New Novel

“The Indianapolis of Does Not Love is the Indianapolis of my memory: strange, flat, a little lonely, filled with secrets that are just beyond one’s sight.”

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Culture Q&A: Kate Micucci of Garfunkel and Oates

“Pregnant Women are Smug’ is a popular one,” she says. “Often, someone wants us to sing it to their pregnant friend in the audience.”

Hoosier Mama Pie Company
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Traveler: Get a Second Wind in Chicago

Even if you’re a native of the Windy City, these 25 ideas make it possible to play tourist in your home city.

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Cage Match: Phoenix Theatre's Latest

Bryan Fonseca and Jeff Martin transform the stage into an apocalyptic boxing ring. With the audience on both sides of it, theatergoers will be much closer to the action than usual.

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The Cure for Josh Kaufman Withdrawal

Look for the wonderfully weird 18-year-old to go far on this season of So You Think You Can Dance, an unsung summer delight.

Hazel Grace (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort) in
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Review: The Fault in Our Stars Film Stays Faithful

The film is certainly carried by the performances of Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort as its star-crossed, cancer-stricken couple, but it receives much-needed doses of gravitas and vigor from Willem Defoe as the eccentric author of the book over which Hazel and Augustus bond.

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Laura Benanti Shows Classic and Comic Chops at Cabaret

One of the best moments of the evening came early on as she started into the brilliant mash-up of two pop-music nuggets, Ellie Goulding’s “Starry-Eyed” and Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games.” That’s when the night’s brief drama played out.

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Terra Cotta Warriors Descend on Indy

Don’t miss long-pot tea-pourer Li Min, visiting from China. “He pours teas out of a long spout while performing kung fu such that the tea goes five, 10, 15 feet into your cup.”

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Best of Indy: Arts & Culture

Discover the best of what Indy has to offer in the arts-and-culture scene with theater, books, design, and much more.