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At Home

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Home Of The Month: The Good Host

That’s the thing about the Dicks—they go out of their way to make others feel welcome.

Greg Hardesty
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At Home: Greg Hardesty's Kitchen

“I hate aprons. Anything around my neck drives me insane.”

ModHomeEc home
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At Home: My Living Room

Shelly Leer, the savvy founder of ModHomeEc studio and website Upholstery Club, proves that the DIY trend isn’t going away any time soon.

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At Home with Charlie and Kathleen Kimball

An interactive peek into Charlie Kimball’s Old Northside home.

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At Home: Karen E Laine’s Living Room

A peek into the new HGTV star’s Fountain Square home. “I could’ve bought a car for what I paid for that couch.”

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At Home: Shannon and Peter Brasovan’s Backyard

The owners of CrossFit NapTown practice the same holistic lifestyle their business preaches at this cheery urban homestead.

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At Home: Ben & Janneane Blevins’s Loft

“We used to have couches, but we always ended up sitting on the floor. So we got rid of most of our tables and chairs.”

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At Home: Humorist Dick Wolfsie's Office

“One day, somebody snapped a picture of [friend Richard Simmons and me], and it ended up on the cover of the National Enquirer with the caption ‘Jog with your lover.’”

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At Home: Sherri Dugger's Kitchen

She and her husband raised money for their mission trip to Colombia by selling three dozen jars of their homemade strawberry-jalapeño jam.

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My Chicken Coop: Agrarian Co-Owner Anne Collins

“Most of the chickens are females, so the space needed a little glamorous touch.”

Just Pop In Mandy Selke Basement
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Just Pop In, Indeed: Mandy Selke's Cozy Den

See where the co-owner of Just Pop In found her basement’s retro fixtures and quirky salvaged treasures.

Kate Drury's kitchen
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At Home: Kate Drury’s Kitchen

She opened The Flying Cupcake in 2007. Now, the confectionery expert prefers to whip up indulgent treats at her northside abode in this dreamy space.

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At Home: Graham Rahal's Racing Room

“When I won my first race, I wasn’t allowed to spray champagne because I was underage. So Dave [Letterman, co-owner of Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing] decided to send me some.”

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At Home: Stan Hurt's Man Cave

“When Eli Lilly was 23 years old, he got so bored in the infantry division of the Union Army that he convinced Indiana’s governor to let him start the 18th Indiana Battery.”

Photo by Tony Valainis
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At Home: Debby Knox's Living Room

“My home is like a little old lady that I have time to take care of now,” the journalist says. Plus, she guides us on a video tour of key features in the space.