August 2014

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Three Hoosiers To Know At Gen Con

The annual celebration of all things nerdy returns to the Convention Center on Aug. 14.

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New in Town: India Bistro

Deciding from more than 60 northern-Indian specialties while standing at the counter of this walkup that opened in late March can leave you wishing you could try it all.

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My Chicken Coop: Agrarian Co-Owner Anne Collins

“Most of the chickens are females, so the space needed a little glamorous touch.”

John Adams.
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Making Waves: A Review of Plow & Anchor

You’ve probably seen the Portlandia “Is the chicken local?” scene by now. It’s the one where a bistro-aproned restaurant server tells her customers that “The chicken is a heritage breed, woodland-raised chicken that’s been fed a diet of sheep’s milk, soy, and hazelnuts … His name was Collin. Here are his papers.” Snarky people like […]

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Speed Read: Josh Kaufman, Pitch Man

After headlining the 31-date Voice tour that wraps August 2, Kaufman will start recording his major-label debut album. Not bad for a guy who was performing solo at Potbelly on Monument Circle earlier this year.

Big Idea 1
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10 Big Ideas to Make Indy a Model City

Brainstorming the wildest, boldest, just-might-work ideas to make Indy a better place.

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Five Cities' Great Ideas That Could Work in Indy

Despite our city’s imperfections (and there are many), Indy is a great place. We thought it would be worthwhile to share five innovative ideas from across the globe that could work here.

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Us to a Tee: 54 Cool Indiana Shirts

New designs, classic favorites, and the shirt that’s big in the U.K. Here’s our Indiana-pride-shirt hall of fame.

Comiskey and Ruhtenberg (seated) arrive at Columbus
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Milestones: An Indiana Architecture Road Trip

In the elaborate latticework of Indiana’s back roads, even a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece can hide.

The author
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War Torn: On Owning Nazi Loot

Dusty knickknacks were removed from glass-fronted cabinets and plopped down on the living-room floor to await future placement. I took the opportunity to clean and discard. That’s when, after 22 years, I came upon relics stolen by Nazis in World War II.

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Editor's Note: August 2014

I have a prediction: Indy will look radically different by its 200th birthday—but not without a few outrageous ideas along the way.

Phil Gulley Lucky Dog
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Phil Gulley: Lucky Dog

A collar is the canine equivalent of the wedding ring. Once a collar is purchased for a dog, there is no going back.

Illustration by Shane Harrison
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The Hoosierist: Green With Envy

Do barbecue joints need board of health clearance to set up grills in their parking lots (where the flies, stray dogs, and hobos live)?

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Ask Me Anything: Julian Batts

Carmel native Julian Batts earned a dubious 15 minutes of fame in the spring by mispronouncing “Achilles” on Wheel of Fortune—after landing on the $1 million spot. But he recovered nicely, winning $11,700 and making the national-media rounds with a good attitude. This month,  he returns to college with his perspective intact and a cushy […]

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Reality Bites for Loreal Gavin

“Sometimes when you’re going down—when a dish doesn’t work out the way you want it to—you have to keep a smile on your face.”