August 2015

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At Home: Karen E Laine’s Living Room

A peek into the new HGTV star’s Fountain Square home. “I could’ve bought a car for what I paid for that couch.”

Retro Fan
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Wanted: Retro Fan

The coolest desktop gem, from local company Fanimation.

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How to Forage Like a Pro

The best advice for spotting the “nature-to-table” ingredients local restaurants source from the great outdoors.

At R Bistro, earthy, savory shiitake ice cream made from dehydrated Shamrock Farms shiitake stems steeped in milk and cream comes paired with chocolate–olive oil cake.
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Farm-to-Table Talk with Eric Murphy & Erin Kem

R Bistro chef Kem nearly swoons describing the shiitakes and portobellos Shamrock Farm’s Murphy raises in a climate-controlled room.

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Order Direct from the Farms Chefs Love

Here’s how to get fresh, local protein, straight to your doorstep.

Asian-greens salad of Dunbar Heritage Farms baby bok choy, tatsoi, mizuna, dragon’s tongue, and Chinese cabbage, all tossed with an avocado Green Goddess dressing, has graced the table at Tinker Street in the past
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Farm-to-Table Talk with Dan and Dana Dunbar & Braedon Kellner

The Tinker Street chef has used Dunbar Heritage Farms’ hydroponic greens in his dishes since the beginning.

Andrea Jackson of Harvestland Farm, Anderson
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What It’s Like Growing More Than Produce

As part of Aspire Indiana, a mental-health center, Harvestland Farm where Andrea Jackson works as foreman hires those with a barrier to employment.

Rossman and Baggott (l-r) with heritage pullets
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Farm-to-Table Talk with Chris Baggott & Ian Rossman

How the Garden Table chef forged his relationship with Baggott’s Tyner Pond Farm.

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Farm-to-Table Talk with Jon Godar & Toby Moreno

The Plow & Anchor chef meets the Eli Creek Family Farms pigs supplying his restaurant.

Prawn Stars
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Prawn Stars: The New Indiana Shrimp Frontier

A Fowler couple are not only raising the crustaceans—they’re pioneering the trend nationwide.

Peter Cook
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What It’s Like Wrangling Bison

The 500-head herd on this northeast-Indiana spread feeds on hay Peter Cook of Cook’s Bison Ranch raises himself.

Hooked on Quack
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Hoosier Ducks: Hooked on Quack

How Maple Leaf Farms came to sit atop the $250 million U.S. duck market.

Norman McCowan
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What It’s Like Fishing for a Living

Norman McCowan of Bell Farms wants to change how consumers view farm-raised seafood.

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Farm-to-Table Talk with Nate Parks & Alan Sternberg

The Silverthorn Farms owner takes Cerulean’s chef on a tour of his produce farm in Rossville.

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Deborah Paul Wants the Ripe Stuff

No offense to our neighbors in Mexico or Chile, but I don’t want their produce, or anything grown upside-down in a hothouse. I want Mom’s.