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August 2016

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Shoptalk: Carmel City Center’s Endeavor

Glitzy chandeliers, a plank-wood accent wall, and industrial-pipe clothing racks—Endeavor fits right in with the high-end women’s boutiques at Carmel City Center.

The Golden cook
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Destination Dining: The Golden

Long before its June opening, The Golden had a loyal following. Attribute that to co-owner Aaron Butts, whose James Beard Award nomination at Roanoke’s Joseph Decuis made him a bit of a folk hero in these parts—and beyond.

Food from Mayasari
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Destination Dining: Mayasari Indonesian Grill

It’s one thing to open an Indonesian restaurant in a small town. It’s another to succeed. Mayasari Indonesian Grill’s staying power in Greensburg speaks volumes about the quality of the food and the warmth of the experience.

Dessert from Topo
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Destination Dining: Topo’s 403

Upscale Mediterranean is just a short drive to Bloomington.

Broadway House Bistro in Princeton
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Destination Dining: Broadway House Bistro

Homey, but upscale small-town restaurant serves big-city fare, but you’ll never forget the Americana feel.

Margherita pizza from Pangea Kitchen
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Destination Dining: Pangea Kitchen

Pangea has a curious model: a pair of pizza menus (Neapolitan and Sicilian); a tight list of “everyday items” with Thai dishes, salads, and meatballs; and a dessert case that includes gelato cake by the slice.

Kirsten Serrano, owner of Restauration
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Destination Dining: Restauration

Lafayette’s Restauration has no processed foods in the kitchen, lots of seasonal produce from land they farm themselves, and scratch-made staples, from mayonnaise to soup stock.

Mita in Cincinnati
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Food Town: Cincinnati

You’ve heard about the Reds and the Bengals, but with plenty of fresh markets, top chefs, and cutting-edge menus, Cincinnati’s dining scene has game, too.

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Flavor of the Month: Ground Cherries

At Recess, the fruit might show up in a chunky salsa, offering a sweet/savory accompaniment to fresh fish, or on the dessert course, where Tulip Tree Creamery’s Trillium cheese provides a rich yin to ground cherry jam’s acidic yang.

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Destination Dining: Bartlett’s Gourmet Grill & Tavern

Bartlett’s Gourmet Grill & Tavern in Beverly Shores may look humble, but the surprisingly elegant dishes are anything but.

Josh Poertner with his $450 Silca SuperPista Ultimate bike pump.
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The World’s Best Bike Pump is Made in Indianapolis

“Sometimes I think, It’s kind of amazing that it doesn’t cost more.”

Ahi from Kelly Jae
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Destination Dining: Kelly Jae’s Cafe

Just unbutton the top of your jeans and enjoy the parade of dishes while knocking back a light, refreshing cocktail.

Menu item from Payne
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Destination Dining: Payne’s Restaurant

Warm, gooey Grandma Payne’s sticky toffee pudding is the dish that will have us plugging Gas City into our GPS as the final destination.

Sword of John Adams from Corndance Tavern
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Destination Dining: Corndance Tavern

Corndance Tavern’s playfully carnivorous Sword of John Adams—an actual blade—displays a panoply of grilled meats: steak, chicken, sausages, prawns, depending on the day.

Crooked Ewe
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Destination Dining: Crooked Ewe Brewery & Ale House

The unexpected is exactly what the owners of South Bend’s Crooked Ewe Brewery & Ale House have been brewing up since they purchased the historic building in early 2013.