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Back Home Again

gulley neighborhood bully
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Phil Gulley: Neighborhood Bully

Living under the unblinking eye of a homeowner’s association, I’m starting to think we should have insisted on decency being one of the covenants.

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Phil Gulley: White-Washed

When I asked about the racial history of my hometown, I was told we had nothing to hide. But the truth is much uglier.

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Phil Gulley: Happy To Report

I enjoy my annual review so much, I’m thinking of giving one to everyone in my family.

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Phil Gulley: Getting A Handle

An ancient Native American ax sharpens one man’s thinking.

The Phil Gulley illustrated character watching football on television.
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Phil Gulley: Remote Locations

As a man without a TV, I’m disappointed in those who have one—and I’m always visiting to watch and tell them so.

Illustration of a man playing with giant cartoon germs.
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Phil Gulley: Belly Aching

Headaches are wonderful.

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Phil Gulley: Road To Ruin

Slashing taxes sounds like a great idea. Until it isn’t.

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Phil Gulley: How We Rolled

The thrill of motorcycling is the point, the counter-narrative to the bubble-wrapped life of modern America.

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Phil Gulley: Reefer Madness

“If a man or woman, at the end of their long and difficult day, wants to smoke a joint and relax, that does not impinge upon my happiness in the least.”

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Phil Gulley: Moral History

The immigrant I knew best went to church, volunteered as a Boy Scout leader, and helped his sick neighbors.

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Phil Gulley: Head Space

In my dream, I pass the day writing and reading, then enjoy the dinner my wife has thoughtfully prepared and carried up the hill to me. (It is a dream, after all.)

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Phil Gulley: I Love The Idea Of Trying New Things

“I suppose even the exhilaration of preaching in a cowboy hat would wear thin after a while. I could try it and see, but even Quakers have their limits.”

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Phil Gulley: The Terrible Gifts I’ve Given

“Charley has only one set of Case kitchen knives, so I might have to buy them before the 23rd to make sure no one else snatches them up. Otherwise, my wife will be getting a garden hose.”

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Phil Gulley: What I’m Thankful For

“In my early years, my father cooked the Thanksgiving turkey on a Weber grill in our barn, a deeply spiritual experience for him.”

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Phil Gulley: Watch Your Step

“The pendulum will swing to the center, the rumors of democracy’s death will have been exaggerated, and we can return to obsessing about the Kardashians. This is my dream.”