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Backtrack: Dora Atkins

How a top Indianapolis florist planted the seeds of her own destiny.

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Backtrack: Helen McKay

“Steele’s page, on the other hand, was considered both beautiful and educational, teaching young readers tolerance and important topics of the day.”

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Backtrack: Norman Norell

The first designer to win the Coty Award, fashion’s equivalent of the Oscars, when it was introduced in 1943.

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Backtrack: Thanksgiving Parade

Lined up for a Thanksgiving parade, the neatly attired Station K newsboys in this photograph look like fresh-faced youngsters straight out of central casting.

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Backtrack: William E. English

An officer and a gentleman.

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Backtrack: Diving In

Indy’s first public pool made quite a splash.

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Backtrack: “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”

The tune didn’t really take off in the major leagues until Chicago sportscaster Harry Caray began singing it in the 1970s.

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Backtrack: Past Blue Ribbon

Indianapolis Brewing Company took the gold ribbon at every World’s Fair between 1900 and 1915.

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Backtrack: Deep Coverage

“It was like being on the moon.”

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Carole Lombard's Swan Song

Indiana has a lengthy history of patriotism. We’re headquarters to the American Legion; second only to Washington, D.C., in the number of war memorials; and at the heart of our city, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument stretches into the sky. One month to the day after the United States declared war on Japan, an Indianapolis […]

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Political Campaigning from 1888, Benjamin Harrison’s “Front Porch” Campaign

Before political campaigning was a big dollar national venture, Benjamin Harrison addressed more than 300,000 people in 80-plus speeches from his front porch.

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Backtrack: Dark Shadows

Irvington has a storied history of spooks and scares—and a much more sinister saga of true-life horror.

Arsenal Tech printing press
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Backtrack: Arsenal Tech, A Mecca for Printers

Tiffany Benedict Browne of Historic Indianapolis remembers when Arsenal Tech was once a master printers’ mecca.

Indiana State Fair advertisement
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Backtrack: The State Fair’s Original Exhibition Building

Revisiting the original home of summertime’s most beloved event.

Protesting Riverside Amusement Park
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Backtrack: Riverside Amusement Park

From the moment the venue debuted, it became a must-do for Indy residents in the summer, but Riverside was not without its controversy.

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