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Backtrack: Dark Shadows

Irvington has a storied history of spooks and scares—and a much more sinister saga of true-life horror.

Arsenal Tech printing press
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Backtrack: Arsenal Tech, A Mecca for Printers

Tiffany Benedict Browne of Historic Indianapolis remembers when Arsenal Tech was once a master printers’ mecca.

Indiana State Fair advertisement
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Backtrack: The State Fair’s Original Exhibition Building

Revisiting the original home of summertime’s most beloved event.

Protesting Riverside Amusement Park
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Backtrack: Riverside Amusement Park

From the moment the venue debuted, it became a must-do for Indy residents in the summer, but Riverside was not without its controversy.

Madam Walker
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Madam C.J. Walker: Uncommon Drive

To the rest of the country, Madam C.J. Walker may have been a name on shampoo containers in African-American households. But it was here, perhaps, that the industrious and indefatigable pioneer loomed largest as an inspirational figure and community member.

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Boarding Past: Downtown’s Transit Stations

Ask anyone where the sport of people-watching reigns supreme, and inevitably, travel portals will top the list.