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Ball State University

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An Open Letter To David Letterman: We Need to Talk About John (Papa, That Is)

Nobody expects “perfection” from Ball State. But what I expect—and what I imagine you may also expect—is a willingness to reject not only bigotry, but also deep-seated, intransigent stupidity.

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Goodbye, David Letterman: An Oral History

An oral history of the funniest guy ever to call Indy home.

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Video: Letterman Salutes Ball State on Late Show

“It’s like a wonderland of education,” he said of his alma mater. “When I was there, it was all dumb kids.”

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Hot List 1.16.15

Chic team-pride gear, sophisticated barware, and other stuff our eyes are on this week.

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Ask Me Anything: HIV Educator Paige Rawl

On dating: “It’s not the guys, it’s once they tell their parents. They were there when HIV was considered a death sentence.”

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Worlds Collide: Science and Religion at Ball State

Nearly six years into teaching his “Boundaries of Science” class, trouble found Eric Hedin, thanks in part to an anonymous informant whose identity and motivations remain a mystery. What happened next threatened to embarrass his employer, Ball State, which formed a special committee to investigate the class’s subject matter.

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Ten Things You May Not Know About Jo Ann Gora

In tribute to her wonderfully rounded decade of hits at Ball State, here are some intriguing facts about BSU’s outgoing leader.

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Video: Pronunciation Is 'Achilles' Heel for IU's Wheel of Fortune Contestant

Watch the clip to find out why Julian Batts—an honor student and a Carmel High alum—is being called The Worst Wheel of Fortune Contestant Ever.

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Ball State Students Visit Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Site on Germany Trip

The Slaughterhouse-Five building inspired the title of what is arguably Kurt Vonnegut’s most famous work. In 1945, he was in its basement when the Allies rained bombs down on Dresden in World War II.

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Tweets of the Week Meets By the Numbers: Jo Ann Gora Edition

Ball State’s pioneering president will step away from the spotlight—sometimes harsh, always bright—that has been on her since May 2004, when she was named as the first female leader of a public university in this state.

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Hoosier Angela Ahrendts Leaves Burberry for Apple

Hailing from New Palestine, east of Indianapolis, Ahrendts has become one of the most important women in the business world in recent years.

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Quiz: 15 Burning Beatles Questions Ahead of Paul's Indy Show

In preparation for Macca’s visit, enjoy these slices of music history and brush up on your Beatles trivia.

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It's David Letterman's World

Letterman shook up the late-night airwaves in 1993, when—after losing the chance to host The Tonight Show to Jay Leno—he moved to CBS.

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Ball State Students Debut Vonnegut Library Exhibit

Honestly, I didn’t pay that much attention while reading Slaughterhouse-Five in high school English class. Even though it was short compared to other required books—I’m looking at you, Crime and Punishment—I didn’t fully understand the themes. So when assigned to check out a public media event for a new exhibit fashioned by Ball State University students for the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, I was a bit apprehensive. My Vonnegut knowledge was slim. Yes, I knew that he was from Indiana and that I should be proud of that. I also knew that he had one heck of a mustache. And that’s about it. So when I walked into the KVML yesterday, I was a clean slate personified, although my soul felt dirty for the Slaughterhouse-Five crime.