Bankers Life Fieldhouse

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The Fieldhouse Turns 20

Net gains.

Two trapeze artists dangle midair at a stage performance.
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Quick Q&A: Silja Dos Reis Of Cirque Du Soleil

“Even if I weren’t doing tricks for two hours, I’d still have to be onstage and in character the whole time.”

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Swoon List: Sakura, Cholita Tacos, And More

It’s Thanksgiving week, so we’re prepping our bodies with walking tacos.

barbecuing illustration by Shane Harrison
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The Hoosierist: Winter Barbecuing

“Though firing up an outdoor grill is the signature move of barbecue establishments, any type of restaurant is free to break out the Weber.”

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How To Plan Your Indianapolis Dad-Concert Attendance This Summer

“Looks like a great lineup, just needs more Buffett.”

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What We’re Really Doing This Weekend: Dachshund Races, Amy Schumer, and Cubs Games

Between weiner dogs at Germanfest and weiner jokes from Amy Schumer, we’ll be laughing our way to Monday.

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What We’re Really Doing This Weekend: Tamika’s Goodbye, The Vonnegut Opera, and More

We’re looking forward to a weekend of Vonnegut opera, craft cocktail tours, and Home-A-Rama.

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The Hoosierist: Gen Con, Bankers Life, and Biking

Sir Ian “Gandalf” McKellen goes for $80,000 to $100,000. And beaming in William “You Know Who He Is” Shatner will set you back $100,000.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - NOVEMBER 24: Comedian Jim Gaffigan attends Saban Community Clinic
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Speed Read: Jim Gaffigan

One of our all-time favorite Indiana funnymen headlines at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on July 23. Here’s your guide to the essential Jim Gaffigan.

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Paul George: 'Right Now, It's About Getting Better'

“When you lose something like basketball, which is everything to me—I feel like I took a lot of things for granted in this game,” he says.

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Larry Bird: 'All of My Donations Are Sort of Made Under the Table'

For Bird, the commitment to giving goes back to his upbringing in French Lick, “growing up in a small town” where he and his family “didn’t have a lot,” he says. “But we were greatly benefited by gifts.”

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10 Reasons to Still Attend a Pacers Game

Where else are you going to wear all that gold? You know it’s not really your color.

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10 Great Indy Dinner-and-Theater Pairings

The artsy environs at the Alexander hotel make Cerulean the perfect place to discuss Mark Rothko’s play Red, showing at the Indiana Repertory Theatre.

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Bobby 'Slick' Leonard: Heart of a Hoosier, Reviewed

“Bobby ‘Slick’ Leonard: Heart of a Hoosier” depicts the impact one man can have on a family, a team, a city.

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How Indy Are You? Take the Quiz!

Question: If you could press a button and make one Indy thing vanish forever, which would you choose?