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Nine Dog-Friendly Spots Around Indy

Dog’s night out.

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The Instagrammable Holiday Bar

“We wrapped everything we could in wrapping paper and garland and lights, as excessive as we could possibly make it.”

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Taste Test: Booze-Free Cocktails

Fancy fizzes and zero-proof mocktails.

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Nick Domogalik, HandleBar Driver

He’s a designated driver, bouncer, tour guide, photographer, and master of ceremonies for the two-hour joy ride.

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Cheers: General Merriment

Inspired by the guy immortalized through the term “sideburns.”

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Introducing: Burnside Inn

Ambrose Burnside: inventor, Civil War general, politician, tailor, and … the inspiration for a Mass Ave bar?

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Taking Flight

Lindy Brown was 9 years old when she first snuck a drink from her mother’s glass of wine. Instead of uttering the ewww her mom expected, Brown started rattling off tasting notes like a schoolkid savant, early evidence of a discriminating palate that would become her professional calling card. She went on to work full-time […]

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Happy Hour: Spoke & Steele, Louie's Wine Dive, And More

Saddle up to the bar at Bakersfield (334 Mass Ave., 317-635-6962) for a Breckenridge Agave Wheat ($5) that accompanies a rotating tap from Three Floyds as well as classic local mainstays.   Cool off from these unseasonably hot temperatures inside Spoke & Steele (123 S. Illinois St., 317-737-1616), where the Bee’s Knees, a potent mix […]

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Hey, Muggles! Tappers Arcade Bar to Host Harry Potter Trivia Night

How to score tickets for Harry Potter & the Tri(via) Wizard Tournament.