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The Local Eatery & Pub

On any weeknight, you might see a family huddling over plates of braised beef cheeks, a mom feeding hummus to her toddler, or a child munching happily on the remnants of her father’s duck wings.

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Dishes of the Year: Beef Carpaccio at Restaurant Tallent

I really enjoy it when foods that are typically sweet are made as a savory dish. The rich, umami flavor of the parmigiano and the raw beef was balanced perfectly with the peppery greens. Fantastic!

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Review: Tavern on South

Given the stranglehold sports fans have on this town, as well as a certain big game Indy expects to host next winter, it’s surprising that the two-story brick storefront near the industrial corner of South and Minnesota streets remained untapped as long as it did. Little more than 100 feet from Lucas Oil Stadium, Tavern on South is a spiffy surprise—a sportingly handsome spot where your game-day eats might be drizzled with a shagbark hickory–soy syrup or arrive with a side of pistachio couscous.