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Change the City: Plan Bee

When the dust settled, all the grant dollars gone and the final report submitted, I still had no plan on paper. Had I chosen the right path?

Kate Franzman
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Kate Franzman Is Indy’s Beevangelist

Urban farmer Kate Franzman has installed bee hives all around Indianapolis. Why so much buzz over an insect? Take a look.

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Bee Public: A Firsthand Look at Beekeeping

Last year, writer Kate Franzman quit her office job to become an Indy beekeeper. Here, the adventures she’s had a long the way.

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Indy DIY: Catch the Buzz with Beekeeping Classes

Ready to start your own hive? Brush up on a sweet craze with these smart sessions.

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Indy DIY: No-Hive Ways to Bee-Friendly

Even if you’re not up for taking on a backyard colony, there are still plenty of ways to bee-friendly to nature’s best pollinators.

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Indy DIY: Honey Do! Find a Local Bee Mentor

Central Indiana bee clubs help new hive-keepers adjust.