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Black Acre Brewing Co.

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The Feed: Gomez BBQ, Jane Dough, And More

This week’s roundup of Indy’s hottest dining news.

Pennsy Trail
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Hot On The Trails: Pennsy Trail

“Once the connection is made to the east, bike commuting to downtown Indianapolis from Greenfield and Cumberland will increase,” says Scott Irons, owner of Indy Cycle Specialist. “It’ll also be a boon to Irvington, as riders explore our shops, restaurants, breweries, and the beautiful neighborhood.”

Dyke Michaels Beast Food Truck
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May Foodie: Dyke Michaels of Beast Food Truck

“We hadn’t really seen a food truck that had attached itself to a neighborhood. It’s important to take Irvington with us wherever we go, and bring people back in.”

December Cover 2015
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Editor’s Note, December 2015: Good Fences, Better Neighbors

When you live in close quarters, you may have no more between you and your neighbors than some drywall.

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Street Savvy: Irvington

Places to go, things to see, and food to eat in Irvington.

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7 Places That Might Change Hillary Clinton’s Opinion of ‘Indianoplace’

Among the emails Hillary Clinton sent as secretary of state—and recently released by the U.S. State Department—is one from 2010 in which she referred to Indianapolis as “basketball-crazed Indianoplace.”

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Everywhere We Look: Beer Gear

Life isn’t always beer and skittles, but it could be with these intoxicating goods.

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Swoon List 6.9.15

Including Cafe Patachou’s heavenly croissant French toast.

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Swoon List 5.5.14

Including La Mulita’s meaty take on Mexican pizza.

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Hot Neighborhoods: Irvington

It may be named after The Legend of Sleepy Hollow author Washington Irving, but right now, there’s nothing sleepy about it.

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Top Five Indy Weekend Brunch Spots

For one, brunch is served on the third Sunday of each month in Mass Ave’s low-lit speakeasy.

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Tweets of the Week: Indy Brewers Get in 'Knife Fight' & More

Via @tracy_forner: “For the sake of the national image of Indianapolis, I hope @Varvel opts to ignore the #Ferguson issue entirely …”

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Holiday Gift Guide: Dads Tell Us What They Want

In a new holiday-shopping survey, respondents chose dads as their least-favorite person to shop for. Here’s the solution.

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Alton Brown Eats His Way Through Indy

The Food Network star made his way through Indy’s array of eats and drinks before heading to South Bend, with appearances in both cities.

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Best New Breweries, No. 1: Black Acre Brewing Company

In a market crowded with pedigreed brewers, a place founded by three law-school students and their friends with a little homebrewing experience sounds like a recipe for Imperial Disaster. (Not actually an esoteric beer name. Yet.) But the owners of Black Acre in Irvington have had their day in court, and we’re ruling in their favor.