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Bob Kravitz

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Trapped! A Journey Through The Escape Room

My journey through one of Indy’s hottest new spots, The Escape Room.

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Tweets of the Week: Sports Media Brawl

“Most local sports media taking a tongue lashing today! Not easy forecasting the future is it? Welcome to our world! Signed, Meteorologist”

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The Replay: Andrew Luck, Jim Irsay, and Deflategate

The Colts get reacquainted with New England’s sweethearts. A handful of GIFs, Tweets, and videos tell this year’s story.

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The Replay: Andrew Luck, Joe Namath, and Juergen Sommer

Andrew Luck’s ‘stache might have a PETA problem.

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The Replay: Colts, Bob Kravitz, and Yogi Ferrell

The Colts make a pick, and a columnist comes unglued.

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The Replay: Paul George, Tamika Catchings, and Bob Knight

Thirty years ago this week, Bob Knight threw a chair. We remember.

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The Replay: Tony Kanaan, Bob Kravitz, and Butler’s Big Game

There’s a lot of hot air left in DeflateGate, plus an Indy 500 champ strips down for Pattern magazine.

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The Replay: Deflategate, Colts, and Hoosiers

The Colts’ loss in the AFC Championship game proves that the football world is flat.

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Tweets of the Week: Patriots Pummel Deflated Colts

Via @bkravitz: “Nobody is suggesting [that balls allegedly deflated by the Patriots are] why the Colts lost obviously. They were manhandled.”

Dakich yelling into megaphone
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Thank You for Calling The Dan Dakich Show. Now Shut the Hell Up.

When you tune in, you are on Dakich’s team. He will teach you. Lecture you. Tell you to “sack up.” He will hang up on you and call you an idiot.

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The Replay: Marian Knights, Dan Dakich, Jim Irsay, and Pat McAfee

The Marian Knights seek a NAIA football championship. Meanwhile, Dan Dakich and Pat McAfee gets into a Twitter dust-up.

Photo by Tony Valainis
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Bob Kravitz Knows You Hate Him

He reads his mail. He takes your calls. He looks at almost every single sarcastic and anonymous comment you leave beneath his stories on the Star’s website.

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Tweets of the Week: Oct. 6-12


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Don’t Worry. Jim Irsay Has a Plan.

“This isn’t the first time he has faced adversity—on the field or off it,” deputy editor Daniel S. Comiskey wrote in IM’s 2012 profile of Jim Irsay. “His addiction to prescription painkillers made him an unpredictable presence in interviews before he publicly admitted and beat the disease.”