Brad Gates

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Review: Hedge Row American Bistro

A celebration of good old (new) Midwestern dining values.

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Preview: Hedge Row American Bistro

Have your veggies and eat them, too, at Mass Ave.’s newcomer, Hedge Row.

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Swoon List: Moontown Brewing, Rooster’s Kitchen, And More

Five things we’re currently craving.

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Swoon List 3.31.15

Including Spoke & Steele’s seared sea bass atop charred-corn pudding.

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Swoon List 5.20.14

Including the Everglades Popcorn Chicken at Tow Yard Brewing.

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Best New Comfort Foods: Mac 'n' Cheese

The meat-packed Mac Daddy from Rockstone Pizzeria Pub contains bacon, capocollo, and Smoking Goose City Ham baked in asiago sauce.

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Revamp: Copper Still

While most of Indy’s cocktail connoisseurs have been so preoccupied with brown-liquor-this and absinthe-that from the bar chefs at Severin, The Libertine, and Bluebeard, a couple of local entrepreneurs have been preparing to mix things up with a mixology-focused place just a tad further north. How far north? Almost road-trip north: try downtown Noblesville. Dave Pumphrey and John Manley have recently purchased the Conner Station on the square at 917 Conner Street. The bar will be renamed Copper Still and will get a fresh makeover, inside and out. They’ve tapped Brad Gates Catering to consult on the food. “Expect back-porch food, but better,” says Pumphrey. The menu’s still being rolled out, but the owners tell IM that dishes such as Carolina barbecue, corned beef, and cole slaw will be available. 

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To Eat and Not to Eat: State Fair Dos & Don'ts

The Indiana State Fair harbors a bonanza of options (and a nonstop source of amusement), and with that comes a litany of both must-munch and don’t-dare food and drink products. Here, a grandstand-meets–Midway rundown of the best and worst (wurst?) for your palate at this event, an annual since 1862. All the offerings are not created equal. Fair enough? We think so.


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Foodie: Brad Gates, The Big Cheese

Call him a caterer. Call him a chef. Just don’t call Brad Gates a man without big ideas. He may be working in one of his smallest kitchens yet, in a corner of City Market, but Gates is putting his highly refined palate to work on catering, to-go lunches, and one of Indy’s best cheese cases, stocked with up to 40 selections.