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Indy’s Best Galettes

Welcome with savory fillings or as a sweet finale, the rustic galette is turning up on restaurant tables and in dessert cases in a variety of tasty forms.

The Garden Table blueberry pancakes
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Our Favorite Pancakes

Dessert for breakfast isn’t just for breakfast anymore, as these three takes on the traditional pancake stack deliciously demonstrate.

A breakfast setting of eggs, smoked salmon, and roasted vegetables.
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Review: Caffè Buondì

But first, coffee.

A large, golden brown slab of flatbread holds yellow puffs of eggs, chorizo sausage, and sliced red onion.
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May Foodie Extra: Breakfast Flatbread Recipe

And what does Justin Jones pair with his chorizo flatbread? Coffee, of course.

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Taste Test: Brunch Cocktails

Brunch cocktails to set your alarm for.

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Swoon List: Eggshell Bistro, Caplinger's Fresh Catch, And More

Elegant egg dishes and a Spanish-inflected quinoa salad make this week’s list.

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Best of Indy: T-Shirt Shop

“Local pride is great, but what do you take local pride in?”

layered eggs Benedict
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Muffin Topped

Local restauranteur Eli Anderson shares his riff on eggs Benedict with an English muffin.

default featured image
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General American Donut Co. Rises to the Occasion

The black-raspberry Key lime, oozing with tart filling, and the coffee-and-cream, featuring a java-spiked chocolate frosting and a custardy center, seem particularly inspired.

Milktooth arepas
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Video Recipe: Arepas at Milktooth

Jonathan Brooks credits his playful palate to the 12 foreign exchange students his family hosted while he was growing up. Here, he imparts a hearty take on arepas, glorified flatbreads that were an ancient Venezuelan staple.

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Discovery: Vigilant Eats

Based in Bloomington, Siegel decided to cut out the middlemen of the grocery industry and get the ingredients for his packaged heat-and-eat breakfasts straight from the source: family farms.