Butler University

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Quick Q&A: Dr. Kara Cooney

Who run the world? Girls.

Historic black and white photo of a wedding day.
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Backtrack: Before Jonestown

The details of Jim Jones’s wedding to Marceline Baldwin belied the bizarre twists their life together would take.

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Q&A With Novelist Lauren Groff

“I don’t read many of my reviews. I have anxiety issues, so even reading a pleasant review fills me with existential dread.”

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Hank Green’s First Novel Is An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Enter: John Green. Wearing a bumblebee suit.

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Lugar Honored On 50th Anniversary Of Mayoral Election

“Before the program even began, the crowd delivered each a standing ovation, awed by two statesmen who eschewed speaking in soundbites in favor of fully formed U.N. draft resolutions.”

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Meet Butler Blue III, AKA Trip, On Game Day

We’ve got spirit, yes we do, we’ve got spirit, how about Blue?

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Ahead Of Civility Lecture, Lugar Critical Of Trump

Let’s hope the lecture is more civil than the comments in the event’s promotional Facebook post.

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Butler University Course Offers In-Depth Study of Trump Election

A new front in the resistance to Donald J. Trump’s presidency has sprung up in the backyard of his own vice president. A new fall course at Butler University will explore the election of the 45th president despite the campaign’s media blunders and perceived negative rhetoric. The course will also examine “strategies for resistance.” “Trumpism […]

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How An Executive Order Changed A Butler Study-Abroad Group’s Travel Plans

“This misguided travel ban only shows that we need more exposure to diverse people, religions, languages, and ways of life, so that the unfamiliar becomes less feared,” says Butler University’s study abroad director.

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Great Nights Out: With Kids

Indiana Ghost Walks and Tours Scary-good excursions that blend history and haunts. Lace up your tennis shoes and get ready to take a spooky hike. These paranormal tours take place all around the city—Westfield, Noblesville, and the Chatham Arch neighborhood, among others. You’ll trek some one-and-a-half miles while learning about local lore and ghostly sightings. […]

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Jordan Peele Comes to Indy

“All of what I do contains an element of social relevance. I love projects that feel like they couldn’t have been made two years ago.”

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Q&A with Hoosier Transplant Author Ben Winters

Never in my life have I lived anywhere with that kind of public accommodation. People go out of their way to be useful and helpful in a way that is unusual. There’s this base-level courtesy. After being in Los Angeles for an hour, I was like, “How come everyone is a jerk?”

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Inside The Tent At Butler University’s New Poetry Circus

“Our unofficial tagline is the National Book Award meets the Indiana State Fair.”

Chris Holtmann
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Q&A with Butler Basketball Coach Chris Holtmann

“We’ve had success because we’ve had guys come here looking for something other than their own individual interests.”

The Ticket 2015
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Q&A: Matthew Kraemer

Indy native Matthew Kraemer has conducted orchestras across the globe—now he’s returning home.