Green and blue chairs
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Bright, Bold, and Unusual in Carmel

Each room feels like a unique piece of art in this home that masterfully combines bright colors, sleek modern design, and quirky antique pieces.

A recirculating, man-made creek flows between the patio and pool areas.
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Natural Seclusion in Carmel

Nature-inspired elements define this backyard paradise in Carmel.

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Pocket Neighborhoods Start To Fill Up In Indy

Colorful dollhouse cottages cozy together along communal greens, sidewalks lead to front stoops, and built-in flower boxes overflow on tidy porches, resembling the Florida Panhandle villages Hoosiers frequent on family vacations.

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AMA: Scot Pollard

“You could consider being on different NBA teams similar to being in a tribe on Survivor, where you don’t necessarily like everyone. In the NBA, you can’t choose who you share a locker room with.”

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Carmel’s Shortage of Low-Income Housing is About to Get Worse

“You want your latte,” says one Carmel resident. “You want your dry cleaning in 24 hours. If you want to keep service workers for these things, they have to be able to live here.”

Steve Hilbert
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Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous: Steve and Tomisue Hilbert in the ’90s

Then there’s the house, the most visible manifestation of Steve Hilbert’s megabucks lifestyle. Built over several years by Hilbert and his ex-wife, it embodies the sort of wealth that even some nations would envy.

Melania Trump
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Dumpster Fire of the Vanities: John Menard, Steve Hilbert, and the Midwestern Nouveau Riche

With Donald Trump and wife Melania Trump dragged into the fray, the feud was no longer just a regional skirmish pitting a flamboyant Hoosier millionaire against a meat-and-potatoes billionaire from America’s Dairyland. It was a critical mass of heavyweight egos, with jealously guarded private lives hung out on the courthouse clothesline.

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Chris Stuart: Attention Magnet

Chris Stuart created half a bracelet—enough to put his Carmel studio on the design world’s radar.

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Rural Route: Rusted Window

If the HGTV hit Fixer Upper inspires you, do yourself a favor and stop by Carmel’s Rusted Window before putting a sledgehammer through any walls.

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Everywhere We Look: Fringe Benefits

We’re on the fringe of excitement.

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Street Savvy: West Main, Carmel

The arts and design district in Carmel has plenty to offer.

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Market Watch: Carmel’s $10.8 Million Kroger Renovation

Of course, enjoying all the bells and whistles of the new Kroger comes with the risk that you’ll forget the one thing you went in for: cereal.

daylight savings time
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Not on Her Watch: One Woman’s Fight to Change Indiana’s Time Zone

If time is relative, as Einstein taught the world a hundred years ago, then it is particularly so in Indiana.

Catch the Fuzzy Bunny Fish Fry Show, a family-friendly cover band with its own theme song.
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Carmel PorchFest Rocks the House

The schedule features about 40 solo musicians and bands–in general, one gig per block per time slot. Sets run 45 minutes to an hour.

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Deep, Dark Secret

What follows, from the opening chapter, is just a hint of how creepy things get.