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Meet Yoga Cats

No downward facing dogs, please.

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Meow Or Never: Deborah Paul On Cat Adoption

In her later years, my mother hung two dog portraits on her wall, of a Scottie and a Westie. Looking at these one-dimensional creatures was as close to having pets in her home as she could get. Actually, Wire Fox Terriers were her favorites—those cheeks!—but whenever we, her children, suggested she get an actual dog, […]

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Feline Film Frenzy

It’s not about cat videos, it’s about watching cat videos together.

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The Replay: Andrew Luck, Jeff Gordon, and Tom Brady

Andrew Luck makes a feline stand.

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Video: Michelle Obama on ‘Lil Bub’s Big Show’

When you pair the first lady and a celebrity cat, the result is, in the parlance of Web gurus, click-bait. Or, if you prefer, click-catnip.

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Cat Power: The Life And Times Of Lil Bub

“[Fame] was her survival strategy because she’s not able to survive in the wild. She could only survive in the age of the Internet.”

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Feline Blue: Life After Cats

It was then I realized how lonely I was without a pet. For the first time in my 60-plus years, there was no dog or cat to greet me at the door and warm my lap, no adoring creature to nurture and feed, no nonjudgmental soul to whom I could pour out my heart.

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Lil Bub The Web-Sensation Cat Pairs With Oliver Winery

If you’ve wanted to meet Lil Bub, the famed “perma-kitten” with tens of thousands of followers across social networks, you may be in for a special treat.

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Bloomington's Lil Bub: Quirky Kitty, Internet Star

When I first meet Lil Bub, as her legions of Internet fans know her, at her owner’s apartment in Bloomington, she’s staring up at me from the living room floor.