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Food Fight: Brazilian Steakhouses

Sixteen choices of beef, chicken, lamb, and pork speak for themselves, minimally seasoned and cooked to melt-in-the-mouth succulence.

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Dishes of the Year: Chicken Wings at Libertine Liquor Bar

The confit appendages (basically, fried twice) are tiny by today’s standards, just a couple of messy nibbles each, piled on the plate like a chicken wing orgy with loose hunks of creamy blue cheese tucked in between the pieces and a smear of Frank’s Red Sauce decorating the plate.

Frittle Candy, The New Indy Must-Do List
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The New Indy Must-Do List: Eat This

So you’ve munched on corn at the Indiana State Fair and had your mouth set afire by a certain shrimp-cocktail sauce. But what are the modern-day rites of passage? We have answers.

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Best New Comfort Foods: Fried Chicken Roulade

The Local’s Craig Baker deconstructs the Sunday-dinner staple into a cooking-school final exam dish reminiscent of chicken cordon bleu or rolled meats from Eastern Europe.

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Take Comfort: Local Food-Lovers Play the Either/Or Game

Scott Wise, Lindy Brown, Valerie Vanderpool, Carrie Abbott, and more weigh in on their preferences and favorites.