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Chuck Pagano

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Revisiting The Trick Play Laughed At ‘Round The World

It’s been two years now, and I still haven’t figured out what they were trying to do.

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The DadBall Era: Make Youth Basketball Sane Again!

At some point in the last 30 years, it became A Thing to encourage uncoordinated, uninterested 5-year-olds to play organized basketball. I’m here to tell you that this is the dumbest, most helicopter-parent-y, most garbage idea to emerge in that same 30-year timeframe.

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Tweets of the Week: Sports Media Brawl

“Most local sports media taking a tongue lashing today! Not easy forecasting the future is it? Welcome to our world! Signed, Meteorologist”

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10 Books for Andrew Luck’s Teammates And Coaches

The Wall Street Journal reports that Andrew Luck is the unofficial librarian of the NFL, here are a few books he needs to deliver to his teammates, coaches, and front office.

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Tweets of the Game: MNF Edition

Twitter’s hot takes, witty words, and the best banter from Monday Night Football’s Colts and Panthers match-up.

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The Replay: Chuck Pagano, Pat McAfee, and Peyton Manning

The Colts try a fake punt. It doesn’t go well.

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The Replay: Chuck Pagano, IU football, and the Indiana Fever

As the Pacers dressed up as super heroes, Coach Frank Vogel apparently couldn’t decide between Morpheus from The Matrix and Burt Reynolds from Deliverance.

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The Replay: Chuck Pagano, Metta World Peace, and ‘GameDay’

Is the Colts coach a Lame Chuck?

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The Replay: Peyton Manning, Chuck Pagano, and South Park

Lucas Oil Stadium’s gazillion-dollar, taxpayer-funded retractable roof no longer retracts. The Capital Improvement Board decided to keep the roof closed for Monday’s Colts-Jets game and, pending an investigation and possible repairs, indefinitely.

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Blue Blood

5. Jim seems like a pretty cool dad.
6. He seems like a pretty cool boss, too.

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The Replay: Bill Belichick, Chuck Pagano, and Indiana basketball

Long story short: the Pats and coach Bill Belichick may have cheated.

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Underdog Story: Colts Safety Sergio Brown Makes Most of Opportunity

“I just really want to play football,” he says. “The love and the joy I get out of it eats me up on the inside.”

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30 for 30: The Most Memorable Moments in Indy Colts History

In 30 years, Indy has shared as many good times—and bad—with our Colts as Baltimore ever did. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. Most of all, though, we’ve cheered.

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Five Revelations in Chuck Pagano's New Book, 'Sidelined'

“Players will run through a brick wall for this guy.”

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Front & Center: Pagano's Horse Power

As for Chuckstrong’s future, the Colts are following Pagano’s lead—and his priority is to restore normalcy. “We need to get back to Coltstrong,” Pagano says. “That’s where the focus should be.”