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city life

Uncharted Homelessness Documentary Film
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Local Film on Homelessness Finds Shelter at the IMA

For first-time filmmakers Adam Oppenheim and Sam Mirpoorian, the inspiration for their documentary on homelessness in Indianapolis came from a local news report.

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Unspoken Rules of the Monon Trail

Smile if smiled at. Eccentrics welcome (including you, unicycler).

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Who Will and Won't Use Indy Bikeshare

Twenty-five stations corral 250 sturdy bikes, each outfitted with a lock, a basket, and a map.

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Indy Bikeshare 101

Buy a 24-hour pass for $8 with a credit card at any station kiosk. Take a bike.

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Scenes from Strawberry Festival 2014

The annual event, put on by a Christ Church Cathedral women’s group, is more than an excuse to take your lunch break an hour earlier. It’s an exercise in Hoosier hospitality.

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Where the #!*% Is Midtown in Indianapolis?

“The whole downtown/midtown/uptown thing started in New York because that city is narrow and vertical,” says Matt Hale. “We’re a radial city growing out in every direction from the center, so it’s a stretch to say Indy has a midtown.”

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Photos: 500 Festival Parade 2014

Only by winning a major (non-athletic) contest does one force Andrew Luck to play second fiddle during this parade, but Josh Kaufman did just that.

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Video: Pacers Fans Stage Flash Mob Downtown

Just like the Indiana Pacers—no one’s there, then they are, and then they disappear again.

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Tweets of the Week: Bandwagons, Farmers Markets & Potholes

Via @colefarrell: “Walking downtown, I heard an older man refer to the farmers market as ‘that weekly veggie festival.’ I’m into it.”

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The New Indy Must-Do List: Master First Friday

The Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association’s monthly art tour has changed a lot in seven years, now boasting nearly 40 participating studios and galleries—plus a huge range of unofficial events.

Amanda Dorman outside The Maxwell on Ohio Street downtown.
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Get to Know Indy's Young Professionals

A guide to prime living locations in Indianapolis for twentysomething pros, with a few surprises: “I have seen anything from random shopping carts on fire hydrants to dresses on stop signs.”

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Winter Storm: A Timely License Plate

It seems one Indy resident can forecast the weather far in advance of any meteorologist. Plus, it’s three days after the city’s volatile snowstorm, and grocery-store racks continue to tell the tale.

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Photos: Indy's Winter-Weather Snow Hijinks

Says Jim Borthwick of Noblesville, “Notice the close attention to detail, the cerebral forehead of Peyton [Manning] and Andrew [Luck]’s glorious neckbeard.”

A Brief Plunge Into The World of Indy
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A Brief Plunge into the Hidden World of Indy's Sewers

As I crept farther, panic finally set in. I was lost! The scurrying animals, which I could never quite see amid the ankle-deep muck of the tunnel, seemed to get more numerous.