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Test Your Coffee IQ

Sam Sveen of Uel Zing, a Bloomington cold brew, teaches an intro coffee class at Ivy Tech. Could you pass the final?

Calvin Fletcher
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Seven Indy Cold Brews From Eye-Popping to Heart-Stopping

Iced coffee is for wimps. Meet “cold brew”—coffee steeped slowly in cool water for a less-acidic, highly caffeinated sipper. These local offerings may range in potency, but they’ll all put hair on your chest.

Rocket 88
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Chew Your Brew

Indy chefs are using locally roasted beans in surprising, often savory ways. But their caffeinated treats—like these recent creations—come and go, so stay on your toes.

Perfect Cup of Coffee
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How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Making superior coffee isn’t convenient—extracting the purest flavor involves ratios and chemistry and special equipment. So Stephen Hall of Tinker Coffee Co. did the hard math for you and provided this step-by-step guide to scientific coffee dominance.

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Indy Coffee Classes

And even if you never do detect more offbeat scents such as sun-dried tomato or marshmallow, it’s eye-opening to taste how each coffee evolves during the cupping, depicted here.

Milktooth Ashley
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Indy’s coffee community poses with their favorite cups for some sweet mugshots.

Amanda Heckert
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Editor’s Note, February 2016: Emerging Indy Coffee and Tech Scenes

How many brilliant tech concepts have been honed over the rich Morning Sky blend at Hubbard & Cravens, or an El Eden roast at Quills?

Mitchell Tellstrom of Milktooth
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Full Steam Ahead With Latte Art

“When a barista starts caring about latte art, they start caring about the quality of the beverage.“

coffee snob mug
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25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Cheeky Coffee Mug

Poke fun at your friend’s caffeine habit with a playfully chic mug.

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Discovery: Coal Yard Coffee

“The whole thing is built around a place for people to come, meet the artists, see them at work, and hang out.”

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Discovery: Indiana-Made Leather Coffee Sleeve

Drink your Ethiopian light roast the cool way, in a glass jar with a Hoosier-made leather coffee sleeve.

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Caffeine Fix

Coffee is Instagram’s greatest inspiration. See how these Indy coffee shops do it better.

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Discovery: Quills Cafe

At this four-month-old coffee-connoisseur’s cafe, the baristas are heavily trained and geek out on pour methods.

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Eight New Indy Coffee Spots

A host of new options has java-lovers buzzing.

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Swoon List 1.27.15

Including Milktooth’s signature Crunch Berry Cappuccino.