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Tweets of the Game: MNF Edition

Twitter’s hot takes, witty words, and the best banter from Monday Night Football’s Colts and Panthers match-up.

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The Replay: Robert Kraft, the Pacers, and Peyton Manning

Robert Kraft beats a dead horse.

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Tweets of the Game: Snap Judgments

The internet has dubbed this play the worst in NFL history. National sports writers are trying to find a name for it. The Colts are trying to explain it away. Here was the reaction on Twitter.

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The Replay: Andrew Luck, Jim Irsay, and Deflategate

The Colts get reacquainted with New England’s sweethearts. A handful of GIFs, Tweets, and videos tell this year’s story.

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Kid Stuff for Colts Nice Guy Dwayne Allen

Colts tight end Dwayne Allen ran a route to Indy’s Coburn Place Safe Haven to promote domestic-violence prevention and assistance for victims and survivors.

Colts Patriots
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Speed Read: Colts vs. Patriots

Pretty boy Tom Brady served no time for the Deflategate crime, and there’s a sense that justice has not been served—yet.

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The Replay: Colts, Matt Hasselbeck, and Stephanie White

Backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck continues to yank the Colts back from the brink of disaster in Andrew Luck’s absence. For the second time in five days, the 40-year-old rallied Indianapolis to a win over an AFC Sloth opponent.

Taylor Swift Grammy
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UPDATED: The Colts Quarterback Situation in 9 GIFs

From give them all the trophies now to throwing up at 2 a.m., the Colts quarterback situation has seen better seasons.

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The Replay: Chuck Pagano, IU football, and the Indiana Fever

As the Pacers dressed up as super heroes, Coach Frank Vogel apparently couldn’t decide between Morpheus from The Matrix and Burt Reynolds from Deliverance.

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Tweets of the Game: Near Dumpster Fire Edition

“Finally Luck is back to his old form—fall way behind then lead a desperate late-game comeback.” – @EvanWest1

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The Replay: Chuck Pagano, Metta World Peace, and ‘GameDay’

Is the Colts coach a Lame Chuck?

Indy Subway Art
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Hot List: The Indy Etsy Edition

Fab Indy-related finds from the artsy-craftsy website.

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Tweets of the Town: Colts 0-2 Edition

The Colts sucked. Twitter did not. Here are some of the best tweets from the Colts monday night loss.

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Carlie Irsay-Gordon’s Office

An interactive look inside Carlie Irsay-Gordon’s office, from the 20 year-old game balls to Jim Irsay’s handmade snowmen ornaments.

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Tweets of the Week: Taylor Swift, the GOP Debate, and 20/20

Live tweets from the GOP debate on Wednesday night competed with some of the Taylor Swift Twitter chatter, both brought out the pre-teen in all of us.