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What to Expect from Indy Native on ‘Conan’

Lawrence Central grad, Megan Gailey, makes her late-night comedic debut on ‘Conan’ tonight. Here’s what to expect from the hilarious Hoosier.

Jim Gaffigan
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Jim Gaffigan on Joking for Pope Francis

“I think I might be opening for the popemobile driving in,” Gaffigan quipped in an interview with Terry Gross on NPR’s ‘Fresh Air.’

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IM Archives: Jim Gaffigan, Funnyman of the People

“I’ve never eaten a Hot Pocket and then said, ‘I’m glad I ate that.’ It’s more like, ‘I’m gonna die.’”

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Sasheer Zamata’s Mom On Her Saturday Night Live Adventure

“I got to meet Lorne [Michaels] and didn’t get home until 4:30 in the morning.”

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Speed Read: Ms. Pat’s Raw Talent

“Secrets kill you on the inside,” she says. “When I started to tell my stories onstage, I started to heal.”

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Video: Letterman Salutes Ball State on Late Show

“It’s like a wonderland of education,” he said of his alma mater. “When I was there, it was all dumb kids.”

Gif 1
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The Five Stages of Parks and Recreation Grief

After seven seasons, a slew of time-slot shuffles, and 123 episodes, it has come down to this.

Gif 1 - Terror Dome
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Parks and Recreation Recap: Ben Wins Indiana Woman of the Year

This week’s episodes truly feel like the beginning of the end for the show.

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Parks and Recreation Recap: Quest for Love

It’s a relationship-heavy episode. A relationshep? Relationschlepping?

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Culture Q&A: Jim Belushi

“What we do is similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway?—we make it up on the spot. We ask the audience for scenes, and then we go from there.”

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Deflategate Jokes That Don’t Fall Flat

Thanks to the comedians, there’s still a little air left in the Deflategate scandal.

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Culture Q&A: Brian Regan

“I notice things, and I write them down,” he says. “Then I try it live. Sometimes, the best writing takes place onstage.”

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Pauly Shore Visits Broad Ripple This Weekend

“I’m very aware of the fact that some people out there might not know who I am. So it’s almost like group therapy—you kind of introduce yourself: ‘Hi, my name is Pauly Shore. This is who I am.’”

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Culture Q&A: Kate Micucci of Garfunkel and Oates

“Pregnant Women are Smug’ is a popular one,” she says. “Often, someone wants us to sing it to their pregnant friend in the audience.”

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Video: Gaffigan Talks Indiana with Letterman, Gets 'Cut' by Colts

The funnyman Gaffigan posted a clip to his 2.1 million Twitter followers after attending the Indy NFL organization’s training camp.