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Recipe: Indiana State Fair Roasted Corn

“My grandparents grew tons of corn every year, as well as my crazy uncle, and we’d always throw a few ears over the coals at backyard barbecues.”

Illustration of corn maze by Nate Kitch
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The Hoosierist: How Do Farmers Make Corn Mazes?

Though the process looks straightforward, building a proper corn maze can be a huge pain in the back 40.

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Aw, Shucks

A dangerously delicious flavor bomb.

Cafeteria Tray - September 2014
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Taste Test: Cafeteria Tray Chic

The ultimate school-cafeteria assortment, with items from Kim’s Kake Kreations & Bakery, Bru Burger Bar, Traders Point Creamery, Shoefly Public House, and more.

Tulip Noir: Ice Cream and Corn
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Ice Cream Meets Corn at Tulip Noir

Bitter-cold Indiana winters actually aid the nutrients in the soil, so expect our beloved sweet corn to be just right this harvesting season (July to November), making it the ultimate base for this ice-cream recipe from Tulip Noir.

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The New Hoosier Farmer: Makes Corn in a Laboratory

This encounter with Bing grew from—ahem—the kernel of an idea: Challenge the traditional definition of “farmer” by highlighting the more contemporary elements in Indiana agriculture.

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Video Recipe: Mexico-Meets-Indiana Corn

Try this adapted Mexican recipe using Indiana corn—smothered in mayo, crumbly cheese, cayenne pepper, and lime.

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July 2013

For those who dream of taking the plunge, a guide to buying your Indiana lake home. Plus, a primer on renting, for those just testing the waters—featuring Wawasee, Monroe, Michigan, Tippecanoe, Patoka, and more.