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Dan Dakich

Bob Knight
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A Birthday On The Brink: Bob Knight At 50

“What the hell
 difference does it make?” says Knight. “So I’m 50.”

Illustration of a red chair laying sideways on an empty basketball court. Man (Coach Knight) is shown from the back walking out of the gym.
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Throwing In The Chair: What’s Up With Bob Knight?

“I do remember that he was swearing after we went off air,” recalls one of Knight’s former ESPN broadcast crew members. “Something or other was always pissing him off.”

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Tweets of the Week: Sports Media Brawl

“Most local sports media taking a tongue lashing today! Not easy forecasting the future is it? Welcome to our world! Signed, Meteorologist”

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The Naysayer says: Don’t Fire Tom Crean!

I am very satisfied with Tom Crean as Indiana’s head coach and don’t wish him to be fired. As a Boilermaker, I think he’s the perfect coach for the Hoosiers.

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The Replay: Andrew Luck, Jim Irsay, and Deflategate

The Colts get reacquainted with New England’s sweethearts. A handful of GIFs, Tweets, and videos tell this year’s story.

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The Replay: Dan Dakich, Bob Knight, and A.J. Foyt

Dan Dakich interviews “Bob Knight”

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Can Tom Crean Coach? Four Experts Weigh In

“He surely understands what Indiana basketball means to the state,” says ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg. “And it looks to me like his players are having a blast playing for him.”

Illustration by Lincoln Agnew
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Seeing Red: Will IU Basketball Fans Ever Like Tom Crean Again?

“Everybody’s expectations are the same—mine, Tom’s, Hoosier Nation, the players,” says Fred Glass. “Hang a sixth banner.”

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The Replay: Tony Kanaan, Bob Kravitz, and Butler’s Big Game

There’s a lot of hot air left in DeflateGate, plus an Indy 500 champ strips down for Pattern magazine.

Luck beard
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The Replay: Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, and the IU Hoosiers

As Sunday’s Colts-Broncos showdown nears, Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning are the story.

Dakich yelling into megaphone
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Thank You for Calling The Dan Dakich Show. Now Shut the Hell Up.

When you tune in, you are on Dakich’s team. He will teach you. Lecture you. Tell you to “sack up.” He will hang up on you and call you an idiot.

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The Replay: Marian Knights, Dan Dakich, Jim Irsay, and Pat McAfee

The Marian Knights seek a NAIA football championship. Meanwhile, Dan Dakich and Pat McAfee gets into a Twitter dust-up.

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Tweets of the Week: Steak 'n Shake, IU Basketball, and More

“Get your butts to the polls,” said one tweet. Unfortunately, one member of the voting public took that a bit too literally.

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The Replay: IU Hoops, Gordon Hayward, and Lauren Hill

Six Indiana University basketball players have made headlines for off-the-court shenanigans since last February.

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IU Student Newspaper Scores on ESPN

When you’re an IU alum watching nationally televised basketball games, like Tuesday’s against North Carolina, it’s fun knowing the rest of the nation is exposed to little things so familiar to Hoosiers. But it’s even cooler when something you have a close personal connection to gets time in the limelight.