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David Letterman

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Indy’s Bicentennial: A Year Of Celebrations

Toast to the town.

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An Open Letter To David Letterman: We Need To Talk About John (Papa, That Is)

Nobody expects “perfection” from Ball State. But what I expect—and what I imagine you may also expect—is a willingness to reject not only bigotry, but also deep-seated, intransigent stupidity.

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The Future Of Broad Ripple High School

“They’re afraid of competition. They don’t want a charter school cannibalizing their student base.”

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Letterman’s New Netflix Show Debuts In January

Welcome back, Dave!

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Letterman Returning To TV In 2018

Netflix makes our wildest stream come true: David Letterman’s back!

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Q&A with Jason Zinoman, Author of the New Letterman Biography

“Dave has always been a critic’s darling. As an interview subject, though, he had a reputation for being a little prickly.”

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Exclusive Excerpt: A New Biography of David Letterman

“Look hard enough and you can see the influence of Letterman everywhere. The internet has become the home of stupid pet tricks and prankish stunts, and the baffling absurdist comedy of Late Night is now mainstream.”

Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP
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Ask Me Anything: Jane Pauley

“I have always identified my most Hoosier characteristic as being authentic. Just being myself.”

Mr. Muffin
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Shoptalk: Mr. Muffin’s Trains

The steam of locomotives now swirls in the sleepy streets of Atlanta with the arrival of a classic holiday-time depot, Mr. Muffin’s Trains.

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David Letterman Opens up on His Beard, Broad Ripple, and Women in Late Night Television

Letterman told Tom Brokaw he grew the beard because he was tired of shaving every day for forty years.

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What a Weekend: Best Moments of the Indy 500 in Photos

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Hoosier Hall of Fame: All Roads Lead to the Speedway

Is it just us, or do all roads lead to Indiana’s—and the world’s—most famous racetrack? From Hawaii to Nazareth, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway leaves its tracks.

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Caught in the Middle: What Is Indiana’s Brand?

Starting now, Hoosiers will mark two centuries of Indiana history with a yearlong party. But what, exactly, are we commemorating?

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The Indiana Beard Hall of Fame

Grow your ode to the bearded state! As Fishers shop Vardagen reminded us with “The Bearded State” tee, we’ve compiled our Indiana Beard Hall of Fame.

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The Five Best Exchanges from Letterman’s Appearance at Ball State

“We [thought] Mom was taking a nap. At 7 [or] 8 o’clock we can’t find Mom… She’d gone out to the backyard and fallen asleep. My hand to God there was a deer licking the salt off the rim of her glass.”