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Deborah Paul

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Last Word: Deborah Paul on Nursing Home Dignity

I would have said he wiggled his youngest daughter’s toe to wake her for school, told her to say to cruel children who laughed at her big feet that she had “good under-standing.”

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Deborah Paul on Aging Gracefully

Few experiences are more cringe-worthy than watching old people make fools of themselves.

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A Summer Place: Deborah Paul and Her Pool

My grandkids enjoy the pool more than we terrestrial people ever could.

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Deborah Paul on Friendship

We all had time to fill, so why not be generous and kind? There were no pressures to impress or lifelong wounds to heal.

adult coloring
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50 Shades of Play with Deborah Paul

Concentration is what adult coloring requires, or at least friends—and wine—at the table, like a quilting bee sans a singular goal.

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Deborah Paul and Her Master Chef Jr.

Could my granddaughter’s heart possibly be as full as mine? Does she appreciate the meaning of these moments, that they will endure long after the cooking aromas subside?

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Deborah Paul: Hey Shark Tank, Bite on This

Here’s the deal. Two Hoosier inventions have hit the big time, and my concepts are better.

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Auld Acquaintance: Deborah Paul on Nostalgia

I bucked up and responded “yes” to an invitation for my 50th high-school reunion, figuring it would likely be my last.

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Sprain Wreck: Deborah Paul on Empathy

The following days were hell. I fell flat-out in our foyer attempting to answer the door, at which point my elbows were bruised as well.

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Prep Schooled: Deborah Paul on the Trend’s Return

When I was this magazine’s managing editor, the editor-in-chief asked—nay, required—that I parrot the book ‘The Official Preppy Handbook,’ localizing the author’s directives. I wrote “Indy’s Guide to Prep” in 1981.

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Not Right Meow: Deborah Paul on Pet Adoption

The truth is, I need them as much as they need me, which is why the search continues.

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Deborah Paul Wants the Ripe Stuff

No offense to our neighbors in Mexico or Chile, but I don’t want their produce, or anything grown upside-down in a hothouse. I want Mom’s.

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Bigger Picture: Deborah Paul on Grandchildren

Robert Frost famously said everything he learned about life could be summed up in three words: “It goes on.” This is the season of the next generation—and the next after that.

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Deborah Paul’s Animal Attraction

This past winter, our attic became a haven for flying squirrels. These small tree-dwellers, a protected species in Indiana, banged around over our heads for nearly a week before we gave up and called a wildlife-management organization.

Indianapolis Monthly - May 2015 - Goodbye Dave!
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Editor’s Note, May 2015: Goodbye, David Letterman!

Who can blame the TV late-night legend and native Hoosier for sticking around longer than he intended? It’s hard to say goodbye to family.