Deborah Paul

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Tuned Out: Deborah Paul on Playing an Instrument

My mother insisted I know how to read music even if I couldn’t perform it, and maybe that was good enough.

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Indianapolis Monthly Wins 10 ‘Best in Indiana Journalism’ Awards

First-place categories for IM stories included Medical, Business, and Sports reporting, as well as Column and Features writing.

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Goodbye, David Letterman: An Oral History

An oral history of the funniest guy ever to call Indy home.

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Off the Clock: Deborah Paul on Retirement

I needed air. I felt like my Aunt Rose, who, during bouts of heart failure, would venture out onto her condo balcony to catch her breath.

August 2014 cover
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Indianapolis Monthly Gets Seven 2015 CRMA Award Nominations

More than 100 judges from the likes of Vanity Fair, ESPN the Magazine, and The New Yorker picked the finalists.

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Deborah Paul Takes a Rowed Trip

The prospect of being confined to a vehicle worried me far less than the thought of listening to Philosophy and Intellectual History, Volume 2 for 18 hours.

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Who’s the Boss? Deborah Paul on Discipline

If kids knew what to do, they’d be adults. It’s our job to turn them into the latter.

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Customer Disservice: An Open Letter to Comcast's CEO

I assume your company has overhead, which is usually covered by revenue from consumers like me. And if enough of them have difficulty similar to mine, you should be concerned.

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Unjust Desserts: Deborah Paul Decries Doughnuts

Are people wandering the streets muttering “I wish I had a doughnut,” and a score of doughnut shops appear? Or do the stores come first?

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Deborah Paul: Am I Living Life, or Merely Documenting It?

The convenience of pulling out a device makes it too easy to snap everything.

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Deborah Paul Talks Retail Politics

Given my experience and obvious affinity for Keystone at the Crossing, no one is better qualified to be mayor of the area than I.

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Class Dismissed: Thoughts on Education

Amid all the chatter surrounding Common Core standards—what education is essential and what is not—I hear a lot about college prep but not enough about prep for life.

The author
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War Torn: On Owning Nazi Loot

Dusty knickknacks were removed from glass-fronted cabinets and plopped down on the living-room floor to await future placement. I took the opportunity to clean and discard. That’s when, after 22 years, I came upon relics stolen by Nazis in World War II.

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Deborah Paul Experiences a Sea Change

I left that condo for the last time with a lump in my throat past which I could not swallow. The permanence of the sea reminds me of the impermanence of those of us who marvel at it. This was a gift: the chance to live on the water, if not forever, at least for once in my life.

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The Amazing Disgrace of Our Language

I have a new semantic bone to pick: overuse of the adjective “amazing,” which now describes everything from a red-carpet gown to a robot.