December 2015

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The High Life at Ironworks: Home of the Month

The only space of its kind at Ironworks features two adjoined apartments with nearly 3,000 square feet, four bedrooms, four baths, two living areas, two full kitchens, and a panoramic view.

Mark Nicholson
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The Indy Lawyer With A Manslaughter Conviction

“It’s pretty much known by everyone around here,” a Marion County deputy prosecutor says of Mark Nicholson’s background.

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Sprain Wreck: Deborah Paul on Empathy

The following days were hell. I fell flat-out in our foyer attempting to answer the door, at which point my elbows were bruised as well.

Martha Hoover
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Street Savvy: Cornell Avenue

“Broad Ripple is so much more than a late-night drinking destination. I see the Monon Trail and the development alongside as the true sign of the health of the neighborhood.”

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Ian Mahinmi’s Look

“Yes. That’s velvet on the lapels, and there’s a silk lining. It’s very high-end.”

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Rural Route: Rusted Window

If the HGTV hit Fixer Upper inspires you, do yourself a favor and stop by Carmel’s Rusted Window before putting a sledgehammer through any walls.

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Planned Parenthood of Indiana Struggles to Distance Itself from the National Scandal

““It’s not about us,” says local Planned Parenthood president Betty Cockrum. “But in the big scheme of things, it’s totally about us.”

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Road Trip: FoxGardin Kitchen & Ale

“This is the kind of thoughtful, made-from-scratch pub food folks in this quaint town on U.S. 36 have been craving for years.”

Home Delivery
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Locavore: Home Delivery

Send a taste of Indianapolis to friends and family with the perfect holiday care package including Sun King Wee Mac Truffles, Roselyn’s Pecan Tea Cookies, and Hoosier Momma’s Sriracha Bloody Mary Maker.

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Philip Gulley: Annoyance Next Door

“Sometimes they don’t even tell me they’re moving. I walk over there one day to see them, the house is empty, and I never hear from them again.”

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Letters to Santa Claus (Indiana)

“So the reindeers want carrots and you want Pepsi and pasta for Christmas this year. Great choice!”

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Three Things to Know about Project for Awesome

Don’t know about Project for Awesome? Here’s three things you should know before it begins on December 12.

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The Hoosierist: Little Uproar

“You would think the beasts wouldn’t feel comfortable in an environment that blazes like the Vegas strip.”

Fountain Square Reno
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Value Village

The three-bedroom, two-bath bungalow has been refurbished into a picturesque Tiffany-blue cottage and sits on the market for $259,900.

Galt house hotel
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Traveler: Louisville’s Galt House Hotel

Charles Dickens once slept at Louisville’s Galt House Hotel, so it’s no wonder the riverfront landmark celebrates A Christmas Carol on such a grand scale.